Elizabeth Chevalier

It’s been a year since we last had the pleasure of featuring this sexy American model, actress and social media sensation on the cover of MAXIM. And this month she returns for round two…

Hey, Elizabeth, congrats on your second MAXIM cover. How do you feel?
It feels absolutely AMAZING to be on the cover of MAXIM Australia for the second time! It’s an honour to be back and I am beyond grateful.

Tell us about this cool shoot.
The photographer Brian B Hayes found the most secluded spot in the middle of the Nevada desert on a dry lake bed and truly made magic happen. We shot in afternoon and the concept was gold and gun metal metallic swim Barbarella vibes. I loved the energy of the team and how excited everyone was with the outcome of the shots. And there was a funny moment when we were taking topless hitchhiking shots and one guy on a chopper turned around a few times to catch another look.

Your ethnicity is French with a little Czech – which side has more fun?
My father is French and my mother is French and Czech. The French are classier, but the Czech’s definitely know how to drink and have a good time!

You started modelling at 16 — how did you get into it and why did you pursue this career?
I got into modelling through my parents. I was signed right away with a major agency at 16, and several other Los Angeles based agencies around the ages of 21-24. I pursued it mainly because I enjoyed it and knew one day I could take it to another level. Social media helped a lot when I started receiving the opportunities to be on many major covers, billboards, a movie, music videos, and TV shows.

Which of these are more important to you and your career?
All of these appearances individually have served an important part in my career and have significantly boosted my social media presence organically. Firstly, the two billboards in Los Angeles were shot for a company called 138 Water — it was the most insane feeling ever driving past my face/body on a billboard on Sunset Blvd! I have appeared in around 30 TV shows and TV pilots, most notably New Girl, Love Is Relative, True Detective, Franklin & Bash and many others. I was in the Entourage movie in 2015 appearing twice – the first scene I played a flight attendant with co-star Tom Brady, and the second scene shot was at the Golden Globes where I played a girl attending the awards in a beautiful gold dress. It was so fun seeing my face on the big screen.

You’ve also appeared in several music videos – tell us more about these.
I had the amazing opportunity to be the lead girl in two of Maejor’s (recording artist/music producer) music videos “Tell Daddy” ft. Waka Flocka Flame and “Get You Alone” ft. Jeremih. Maejor had also previously recorded with Justin Bieber at that time.

What advice would you give aspiring models and actors starting out?
Do not do crash diets for quick weight loss. Also, make sure you have a strong support system – this business comes with a lot of rejection and it can be a lot to handle as a young model starting out.

All this and you managed to do a degree in biology. Why did you choose this and what do you hope to achieve?
Yes! I graduated in 2016 with a degree in biology, but I never used it directly. I pursued this degree specifically because I love the science of evolution.

Last we spoke you were training at your mother’s company. Tell us more about this and how has it progressed?
Yes, it was great, and it sparked my interest in real estate. I since have moved on and started working at a real estate brokerage.

If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be?
Acceptance, compassion and selflessness. Yes, that’s three things the world needs a lot more of.

You’ve travelled all over the world for modelling. Have you ever been to Australia?
I have been to Australia when I was younger! My father’s cousin actually lives in the suburbs of New South Wales.

Nice. Besides “G’day, mate”, koalas and kangaroos, what else do you know about Australia?
There are so many spiders!

Sure. What’s next for you, Elizabeth? Any exciting projects on the horizon you can share with us?
I have many major projects and big things coming up in the near future! So, be sure to look out for me on social media.

PHOTOGRAPHED BY BRIAN B HAYES (@brianbhayes_photo)

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