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NMOTO BMW Nostalgia Project

A classic BMW moto speaks to us like no other, and the 1934 BMW R7 Prototype is one of the greatest beauties of the pre-war era. With an advanced streamlined design and innovations such as telescoping forks, it was ahead of its time. Only one was ever made – and therefore inaccessible to everyone on the planet.

Thankfully, a Florida design studio is changing that with their ‘Nostalgia’ project. A reboot of sorts, the Nostalgia rolls on a BMW R nine T chassis, and uses 74 handcrafted parts (many made of aluminum) to convert the stock bike into a ‘new’ R7.  This includes a new 12 litre fuel tank and custom handcrafted stainless steel exhaust system.

This project imitates vintage design by reincorporating the ignition lock and speedometer into the headlamp housing, but also comes complete with up to date electronics and a current spec air-oil cooled 1170cc 82kW R nineT boxer engine.

LED indicators and a keyless ignition were both worked into the redesign of the R nineT electrical system, which is mostly concealed within the framework itself. The rear can be equipped with a luggage trunk, passenger seat, or manual gear shift mount on the tank ala pre-war motorcycles.

Despite its modern messings, the Nostalgia looks like it just leaped straight out of the 1930s. NMoto is selling the Nostalgia as a complete bike for $49,500. Pricey it may be, but NMoto already has 47 pre-orders and have plans to have its own line of accessories for the BMW R nineT. Who said there wasn’t money in antiques?

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