Blade Runner

Lamborghini Terzo Millenio

Lamborghini isn’t known for bowing down to others. Ever since Ferruccio (Lamborghini) told Enzo (Ferrari) where he could stick his cars, and decided to build his own, it’s been doing its own thing.

This car, the Terzo Millennio (third millenium), built with MIT, is the Lambo approach to an EV performance car. Supercapacitors, not batteries, will power this Italian Blade Runner.

Being ultra expensive and not as energy dense, supercapacitors aren’t ready for the spotlight yet. But MIT and Lamborghini plan to produce one to work like a main battery, able to recharge and discharge lightning quick for brutal, explosive acceleration.

The companies are also looking into carbon composite batteries and nanotechnology; meaning two power storage technologies into the same drivetrain; if possible, would store 100 times the energy of a regular battery pack. Such a system will allow for the four in-wheel electric motors to control torque vectoring, braking and steering.  

The body is carbon fibre, but will have the ability to self-repair with something called ‘nano-channels’. A self-healing hypercar, with an AI driver analysis program onboard to coach you through driving techniques.

Lamborghini wants the Terzo Millennio to sound like a Lamborghini by creating a soundtrack from the rapid airflow over the body panels. Good luck with that one.

EV’s will soon turn the car industry on its head, but the Terzo Millennio is ready to pick it up and body slam it through the floor. We can’t wait.

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