Polaris RZR RS1

Engine: 999cc 4-stroke DOHC twin cylinder
Power: 82kW
Curb weight: 607 kg
Fuel Capacity: 35.9 litres
Price: $19,850 (approx)

The folks at Polaris are keeping busy. The company that basically created the multi-seat sport UTV market isn’t kicking back – they’ve gone and dropped this new single-seat Ace unit into our wishlists. The first Ace up their sleeve had mega 4×4 capabilities within the creature comfort of a roll cage. For 2019 we’re treated to the mind-slammin’ RZR RS1.

We know when you think of Polaris you think F1 racing; and just like the elite Formula One machines, the RS1 is a driver-centred single-seat setup – meaning you can let the engine roar without having to hear a passenger whinge.

Sharing the same power/suspension as the RZR XP 1000 model but with an upgraded drivetrain, the RZR RS1 has exceptional sight-line visibility to the front and the side as part of its new sleeker, sexier package.

Polaris describe the RS1 as a “driver-focused off-road experience” and we know what they’re talking about. The Pro Star 999cc, liquid-cooled four-stroke, parallel-twin-cylinder engine gives off that bottom-end hit in the power curve that slowly levels off towards the top end – perfect ratios when you’re off-road.

Since many racing series are announcing specific classes for the RS1, there will be many professional drivers itching to see what the latest from Polaris can do. Given the heightened interest, and future racer status – we’re sure the company has another social media hit on their hands.

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Kalyssa Alynn

Thrill Ride