Kalyssa Alynn

After wowing us with her fine work in Destination MAXIM Thailand and Bali we thought it a great time to get to know more about this former NFL cheerleader and pocket rocket model…

Hey Kalyssa, congrats on your first MAXIM feature. How do you feel?
I’m completely honoured to have a feature in MAXIM Australia! It’s unreal to see myself in a publication that I’ve wanted to be in for a while now. The photos are stunning, and I couldn’t be any more ecstatic! 

You’ve been to two MAXIM Destinations – Thailand and Bali. What did you love most about these experiences?
I learned different lessons in each destination. In Thailand, I learned the essence of what a great team can do in and out of a printed issue. I realised how essential it is to have others around you that support and have the same mindset to push you forward. I had an idea of what direction I wanted to go in with my modelling path, but from watching primary examples I learned the steps of getting there. In Bali, I was able to put these steps into action and really make use of my place and time and it’s paid off!

Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to and why?
Thailand was my first international trip taken, then Bali was the second. Although I love Cabo in Mexico, I think Bali trumped it! I love learning about and seeing new cultures, even if it’s not the best quality in some parts, because it makes me appreciative more so of what has been given to me growing up, but also keeps one humble.

Ever been to Australia?
I haven’t been to Australia – yet! I reckon 2019 will be the year I make that trip and I couldn’t be any more excited to travel again. I’ve always believed Australia was the place I was actually supposed to be from.

Besides “G’day, mate”, koalas and kangaroos, what else do you know about Australia?
If we’re talking terms and phrases, I’ve never known of any other people that truly just don’t like to talk. Words are shortened and one phrase can mean a multiple of things – it’s quite confusing but hilarious at the same time. The two words I’ve heard most have been “minx” and “feral” – both of which can be used in the same sentence. I also know the beach isn’t a luxurious thing in Australia, rather a normality, which makes me envious. I’ve always wanted that dark-bronzed skin glow living my day-to-day life.

Tell us a bit more about yourself, Kalyssa.
I’m an American girl from a very small country town in the state of Oklahoma. I was raised around fast cars, dirt bikes, guns and fishing. I never thought I could be a model growing up, because I stopped growing when I hit a whole whopping 157cm, but look where I am!

You’re a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader – how did you land this job?
I definitely wouldn’t describe becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader as landing something – it was more than that for which I’m proud. Although it was always a dream, it physically took up most of my days for almost two years trying to prepare for a spot on the team. Being a cheerleader for the worldliest-known NFL team was more than just pretty looks. It required an education background on all level of which I was tested prior to, the ability to quickly pick-up and adapt to any given situation, have proper grammar and social skills, and of course have the flexibility and stamina to do the famous “jump split” on the field.

Is the audition process as tough as we hear it is?
It most certainly is! The mental and physical stress and exhaustion can really harm you badly if you let it. In some cases, this specific process can even change you and the way you think about certain things. Although I put myself through a lot, I knew what I wanted and I didn’t give up.

What did you like and dislike about being a Cowboys cheerleader?
Considering the first Dallas Cowboys game I cheered at was also my first NFL game I’ve ever been to… yeah, that was an unforgettable experience. The exposure, photo shoots, TV time, and attention was great, but cheerleaders don’t get paid what you think they do. Other than small pay, the only other not so great thing is that you’re basically on call 24/7 for any event relating to being on the squad. In return, it doesn’t cause much wiggle room to plan trips, etc.

NFL fans elected you the hottest cheerleader of the last season – how’d that make you feel?
Nothing gives a woman more of a self-esteem boost than when someone reflects on her appearance in a positive way.

Why did you decide to stop cheerleading?  
I decided to put up my boots because I wanted to see and experience the great things in life while I can. I know I’m on the younger side, but I’m only getting older and each day is another day I can’t get back. Some of the things I love most include modelling and traveling, both of which I’m finally able to focus on now all while enjoying spare time on my schedule to do things that make me happy.

We hear you also like to paint. What kind of stuff do you like to put on a canvas?
Landscapes. Nothing is more relaxing than getting in my own head space and using natural earth tones to describe the beautiful parts of the world!

When do you feel sexy?
In front of a camera wearing nothing but heels. A woman’s body is a piece of natural art and comes in various shapes and forms – being able to be confident in your own skin is sexy.
 What is your best asset?
My eyes and hair. Eyes can always tell a story – they tell thoughts and emotions through a photo without even saying a word – I love that. And I love the saying, “Letting your hair down” because I love to let loose during a photo shoot and just have fun.

What’s one thing men should always remember about women?
Women are unpredictable. We have emotions that range from day to day because our hormones are crazy and sometimes our bodies tell us differently. We also like to change our minds a lot – if you didn’t already know! And we love sex just as much as men – we all may not say it but it’s true. 

What do you look for in a man?
Someone who is just as spontaneous and light-hearted as me and who I can connect with on a level where he knows what I’m thinking without even speaking. Even though I’m very independent I look for someone who can support me, not only in my career but also with a little stability at home. Ultimately, I look for someone who is willing to explore life with the mindset that life is short. 

If you had to take MAXIM on a date, what would it entail?
It would be something super chill. Although, I love to get dressed up and go on fancy dates, I think the best thing is making each other feel comfortable and for me that would include getting takeout and going to a beach or relaxing at home and watching a movie.

What’s the freakiest thing someone has sent you via social media?
I’ve gotten invites to join threesomes via pictures in bed of the couple inviting me!

What’s next for you?
Short term, I would love to be signed on as an official model of a well-known brand. This year will be about building my social media and establishing a place with a fashion brand while traveling internationally in between. Long term, I’m working towards an acting career where I would love to be casted for movies, events and possibly a host.



NAME: Kalyssa Alynn
January 26, 1997
HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas, USA
FIVE-WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Dedicated, career-focused, spontaneous, adventurous, passionate.”
HOBBIES: “love anything ranging from outdoor activities like hiking and biking to being in the kitchen cooking up a healthy meal to laying on the beach to shopping to staying in and watching a movie.”
LIFE MOTTO: “Do whatever makes you happy, don’t care what other people think and don’t be judgmental. Live life to the fullest because life is too short to have regrets.”
SNAPCHAT: @kalyssa_alynn
FACEBOOK: @kalyssa.singleton


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