Devil May Cry 5

Game of the Month

Game Name: Devil May Cry 5
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Formats: PC, XBO, PS4
Release: March 8

Devil May Cry 5 is an explosive, mind-blowing, button-mashing serving of fun from start to finish. Famed Japanese developer Capcom is no stranger to over-the-top action, but even if you’ve already caught the demon-hunting DMC series before, you’ll still be surprised by just how next-level the stylish hack ‘n’ slashing has become.

Set a considerable number of years after Devil May Cry 2 – as evidenced by hero Dante’s more mature visage – this fifth release in the series is built on the same enhanced game engine from Resident Evil VII. It’s fast, fluent and even gorgeous in its own, dark, devilish way. Especially the cutscenes!

The story revolves around three characters: new hero V, who hires demon hunter extraordinaire and series regular Dante to solve (and defeat) a new uprising in devilish menaces. And DMC 4 hero Nero returns, having set up his own demon hunting agency.

At its core, the gameplay stays true to what has made the series a guilty pleasure for most action fans since 2001. You acrobatically move through more-or-less linear levels, charged with eviscerating waves of demon hordes in the most stylish way possible. Style comes from elegantly combining the host of available moves into a ballet of butchery, feet barely touching the ground as you dash between foes and leap through the air.

Where Devil Mary Cry 5 surges forward is in the arsenal available to these three main characters.

Dante still has his iconic dual pistol and sword setup, but he also some brilliant new special weapons. The best is the motorbike. In one form, you can literally ride into combat. You can wheelie and spin your front tyre straight into a foe’s neck, or do a burnout and chop the legs out from a whole platoon of demons. Then, you can split that bike in two, holding a half in each hand and swing them as powerful melee weapons. Driving a spinning wheel into an enemy reminds us somewhat of Gears of War’s Lancer assault rifle.

Meanwhile, Nero keeps his sword and revolver combo, but also gets replaceable, upgradeable, robotic arms he can equip. These each come with their own, powerful moves, which can do things like grapple opponents, freeze time, throw foes away, push out big electronic fists and more. Nero can carry four of these at a time, but they will break. Luckily they each have one final, explosive special move to unleash at their death.

Finally, there is V, the newbie. Capcom is keeping his combat experience under-wraps right up until release, but we can tip you off by pointing towards his weapons – a staff and book! His style of play is very different indeed.

The thrill of Devil May Cry 5 comes from exploring all these new abilities and inventing stylish ways of combining them in the face of unrelenting demon hordes. The resulting action-fest is super entertaining for those who love it over-the-top and unrelenting.

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