Beth Hurrell

Time to find out more about this gorgeous model and MAXIM cover girl. What’s not to love?…

The best thing about this MAXIM shoot is… working with [photographer] Neil Dixon again. He has such a natural aptitude for photography so it makes the shoot flow so easily. It’s also the third time I’ve shown up in MAXIM, so that’s very cool.

When I’m not posing for MAXIM I’m… reading, drinking coffee, hanging out with my cats or all three things simultaneously.

My best asset is… kindness, because it’s really one of the most important things anybody can be. Period.

I feel sexy when… I’m living in the moment – when anything feels possible. That’s exciting, and sexy. They do say novelty is the greatest aphrodisiac.

I can beat anyone at… an argument – mum’s words.

The last thing that made me LOL was… waking up on Monday morning and putting together a puzzle of everything I did on 10-too-many drinks last Sunday night. I laughed and cried and swore I would not drink again. Don’t hold me to it.

The worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard is… “Are you my HSC test because I would do you for three hours with a 10-minute break in between.” If I’m your HSC test you must be 17 or 18 and that’s just simply not OK.

A guy is more likely to get lucky with me if he is… tall, dark and handsome.

One thing a guy should always know about women is… to never compare them. Women are complex, compelling, impossible to predict and there are really no two the same.

What I find sexy about men is… a quiet confidence.

My perfect date would be… a vegan restaurant followed by some live music.

The funniest thing that’s happened while attending a MAXIM VIP party is… well, pre-party we locked our luggage in the house, didn’t have any spare keys and had a plane to catch. The wooden front door literally got fly-kicked down.

The best junk food is… the vegan Hungry Jacks burger – I literally finished one 10 minutes ago. It’s sick!

Public nudity is… a powerful thing.

At bedtime I wear… fluffy cloud pyjamas. Not even just at bedtime – I leave the house in it and I’m not sorry.

What I love most about social media is… being able to have an outlet to express who I am or what I am feeling, and to be able to look back on that year after year and see the personal growth and memories.

The weirdest thing someone has sent me via social media is… almost always somebody with a foot fetish wanting explicit feet pictures.

The worst word in the English language is… moist.

My superpower would be… invisibility. There’s so many reasons – all the free concerts I could see, all the information I could find out… it’d be the best!

One thing I’d change about the world is… everything really.

The best piece of advice anyone has ever given me is… character is shown in how you treat people who can do nothing for you.

In five years I’d like to be… Enjoying a simple life, uncomplicated, unmaterialistic and rich in experience and friendships.

Beth Ellen Hurrell
Sydney, NSW
LIVES: Gold Coast, Qld
BORN: February 6, 1997
FIVE-WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Strong-willed, imaginative, compassionate, philosophical and free-spirited.”
HOBBIES: “Painting.”
GIRL CRUSH: “Lana Del Rey.”
“A glass of red.”
“Just completely avoid being awake while you’re hungover. Keep sleeping until its passed. Magic!”
“Avocado on toast – with or without Vegemite. OMG!”
“Candy. Heath ledger is a legend and I’m all for supporting Aussie films.”
“Vienna” by Billy Joel because it sounds like my DNA.”
LIFE MOTTO: “If it’s not on a plate, it can wait.”
INSTAGRAM: @bethellenhurrell


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