Time To Attack

The Holden Time Attack Concept

Just when you thought you’d never see a new release Holden in 2019 – along comes the Holden Bathurst Time Attack Concept (sort of). Designed and developed as a futuristic racer to mark the 50th anniversary of the company’s first major at Bathurst, it is just in concept mode for now, but we’ll take it.

The surprisingly employed people at the R&D department at Holden, in Australia, wanted to prove that their precious make isn’t just a badge that General Motors slaps on their yank tanks. So they came up with a groundbreaking concept that uses fans, airflow, and downforce to move – all while teasing the hell out of long suffering fans nationwide.

According to the engineering team, various aerodynamic features would assist the racer with several fans that would accelerate airflow through the aero dams and holes to increase downforce. The result would be the minor outcome of 6.5 G-Forces while travelling – similar to an F1 car during cornering.

Powered by four electric motors (one on each wheel) that would produce a total 1000kW, a reinforced kevlar/carbon fibre body would enable the racer to handle the immensely defiant force produced by the motors.

From the tunnels that run on either side of the monocoque, to the ginormous diffuser at the back, to the massive rear wing – everything looks like it came from 2050.

It’s electric, exciting, and promising; and we wish like hell they’d make it today. But Holden’s virtual simulation has it lapping the Mount Panorama track in 1 minute 29.3 seconds – so we’ll be gaming in the meantime.

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