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Lou Bega


As he tours Oz and NZ this month, the iconic German pop star, and hit maker of the annoyingly addictive 1999 tune “Mambo No.5”, discusses his last day on Earth…

How do you want to leave this world, Lou?
I hope that we belong to the one generation that will not experience death but will be taken up to meet the Lord in the air.

Are you going to Heaven or Hell and why?
Many celebrities, like the extremely gifted Freddie Mercury, stated that they would prefer to spend the afterlife in Hell because of the seemingly more exciting guest list. I gotta disappoint many here – there will be many good folks in Hell and a lot of super sinners in Heaven. Life is not a “do good“ contest at all but a probation time in which we all strive to find the right exit door into eternity.

What do you say to God when you eventually get there?
I’d assume I’d be speechless and not say anything at all for the first time in my life.

What’s your last meal?
I’ve been raised by my Sicilian Mamma. Cannoli and Panini con Panelle would definitely make me leave in peace. My Dad’s Philly Cheese Steak could make it on the list, too.

Which of the seven deadly sins gave you the most trouble?
There is one line in “Mambo No.5” that says “I really beg you my Lord to me flirting is just like a sport” – the constant flirting led to my personal deadly sin that almost got the best of me.

What would you like to be reincarnated as?
I’m happy that incarnation does not exist. An endless circle of misery would be the worst punishment imaginable.

What’s your greatest achievement during your time on Earth?
This interview could turn out to be just that 😉

Name one thing you’re glad you’ll never have to do again.
I’m glad I do not have to wear those silly ’90s outfits ever again.

What are your friends saying over your casket?
“Lou Bega has not only left the building but he has left it thru the right door.”

What’s written on your tombstone?
“Ladies & Gentlemen, this is an empty grave”.

What are your final words?
“All the money, fame and success means nothing if you don’t know the Lord Jesus because He is the way, the truth and the life. Send in the trumpets!”

What can fans expect from your show at the SO POP tour this month?
Folks will be taken back to a golden era in which we were all fresh and pretty and the selfie wasn’t even invented yet. On top of all this, fans will ask themselves how this Mambo guy still manages to look like it’s 1999.

Catch Lou Bega at the SO POP AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND 2019 tour from January 30 to February 9


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