Elizabeth Bert

Destination MAXIM Australia – Bali

FULL NAME: Elizabeth Bert
HOMETOWN: Annapolis, Maryland USA
BORN: August 28, 1993
FIVE-WORD SELF DESCRIPTION: “A girl on a mission.”
HIDDEN TALENTS: “I can fly a plane, cook amazing Italian food and play the piano. I especially love playing some Wagner or Erik Satie on the piano – naked, of course.”
PHOBIA: “Dolls kind of freak me out. If I see a creepy doll in someone’s house you bet your money that I’m walking right back out the way I came.”
INSTAGRAM: @elizabeth_bert
SNAPCHAT: @ellemanhattan
TWITTER: @elizabeth_bert

When do you feel sexy?
If I’m alone, I feel sexiest when I’m naked. If I have company, I feel sexiest in an oversized T-shirt with no bra on. In the winter, the sexiest feeling is to be completely naked on a pile of cozy blankets by the fire place.

What is your best asset?
Physically, I love my boobs and legs. But my best asset overall would have to be my brain and not just from an intellectual purview. In the US, I went to an Ivy League school called Columbia University, which only accepts around five percent of its applicants, and graduated at the top of my class. I didn’t do that by being the smartest person in the proverbial room, but by being the most hardworking and persistent student. I just never gave up.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
That I play the piano and went to an Ivy League school. Even though I didn’t play sports or an instrument in college, I did play soccer on the USA Olympic Development Program in high school. I was a big tomboy before I started modelling professionally.

What have you learned about men over the years?
I’ve learned to never touch the thermostat unless I’m ready for war. Also, if a man is really into you he will make time for you. There’s always exceptions, but if he can’t make the time that means you’re not a priority. And the same can go for women as well.

What do you look for in a man?
Externally, I don’t really look for anything in particular in a man except confidence (not to be confused with arrogance). I look at the way he carries himself and treats others. Also, if he can cook that’s a bonus. Like a man, the way to my heart is through my stomach. Feed me well and I’m yours. Internally, kindness and patience. With time, looks will change and evolve, but kindness is perennial.

Where would you like to be in five years?
In my dream scenario, I’d love to start a family and live off of passive income, perhaps by being on a board of a company or charity, and just travel and raise money for charities and causes I adore. Fortunately, I’m a realist, so five years from now I’d like to have expanded my personal brand to encompass fashion and modelling, as well as health and wellness.

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Photographed by Rocky Batchelor 
Styling by Belinda Roelofs 
Hair & make-up by Yuni Wilson 
Swimwear & lingerie by Mary Holland    
Videography by Cameron Brunt
Shot on location at The Mandala Group

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