Julia Dawn Heather Brown

Destination MAXIM Australia – Bali

FULL NAME: Julia Dawn Heather Brown
HOMETOWN: Vancouver, Canada
BORN: November 14, 1998
FIVE-WORD SELF DESCRIPTION: “Carefree, passionate, different, unexpected and thoughtful.”
HANGOVER CURE: “Stay hydrated and get lots of Z’s!”
HIDDEN TALENT: “I love to draw and paint.”
LIFE MOTTO: “If you’ve got it, use it. If you don’t got it, then get it!”
INSTAGRAM: @juliiabroown

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up just outside of Vancouver, Canada. As a kid I was very shy, kind of awkward and different, but over the years I’ve become very independent and carefree. I’ve always loved to travel and started modelling a couple years ago. My first ever modelling trip was to Milan and it’s when I realised I had a passion for the industry. Now I’m travelling and making connections all over the world!

Are there any other funny anecdotes you can share about this shoot?
One of my lingerie shoots was in front of some locals on motorbikes. They seemed more embarrassed than I was to be shooting in front of them. It was my first time in Bali so I was so excited to get the opportunity to travel to such a beautiful place for work.

What is your best asset?
My positive presence and how caring I am of others. 

What would people be most surprised to know about you?
That I’m only 19 years old and consider myself to be very intelligent and independent.

What do you look for in a man?
I’m never looking but the ones that catch my eye is a man that’s smiling with confidence, independent and has a great sense of humour.

Describe your ideal date.
My ideal date would be something simple like going on a hike or doing something outdoors.

What’s next for you?
I will be continuing modelling full-time! Next I’m off to Mexico, Australia, Europe and the US! 

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Photographed by Rocky Batchelor 
Styling by Belinda Roelofs 
Hair & make-up by Yuni Wilson 
Swimwear & lingerie by Mary Holland    
Videography by Cameron Brunt
Shot on location at The Mandala Group

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