Kalyssa Alynn

Destination MAXIM Australia – Bali

HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas, USA
BORN: January 26, 1997
FIVE-WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Dedicated, career-focused, spontaneous, adventurous, passionate.”
HIDDEN TALENT: “I paint. I don’t show it off too much, but it’s one of those things that relaxes me once I get going.”
HANGOVER CURE: “Coffee is the cure to everything.” 
PHOBIA: “I hate spiders… and anything small that has legs and can potentially make me see the sight of death.”
LIFE MOTTO: “Do whatever makes you happy, don’t care what other people think and don’t be judgmental. Live life to the fullest because life is too short to have regrets.”
SNAPCHAT: @kalyssa_alynn
TWITTER: @kalyssa_xoxo
FACEBOOK: @kalyssa.singleton

“During Destination Thailand I learned multiple fundamentals on how to expand not only my modelling career but also myself. Being around other experienced professionals in the industry inspired me to level-up and go even further. That next step for me was taking full control of my social media and using it as a business platform. Posting branded images, consistently, day-to-day on my Instagram, as well as being engaging with my followers has resulted in a major growth. I’ve grown from 38,000 followers to 76,000 (and still counting!) followers in just two months. This has had an enormous effect on my personal brand to the point that other brands started taking notice in me and my page. Once I knew I was going to return with MAXIM Australia in Bali, I decided to learn from Thailand and take advantage of the opportunity by creating content in such a beautiful villa.

While I was focused on creating content for my Instagram I was also ready to carry on the vibes from Thailand into Bali for these MAXIM photo shoots. The villa we stayed in was magical – it was located right on the beach’s shore and overlooked the crystal blue waters of Bali’s ocean. Imagine waking up to the sounds of waves every morning – I couldn’t get enough of it! The MAXIM team was amazing to work with, once again, to say the least and it was great being able to meet new models from various locations around the world. Our photo shoot locations were in the villa as well as taking full advantage of the gorgeous sands wearing Mary Holland lingerie. At one point we were even able to see monkeys! Overall, Destination MAXIM – Bali was an unforgettable experience and I’m entirely grateful to have met and worked with the MAXIM team. Thank you so much for believing in me and creating magic together.”

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Photographed by Rocky Batchelor 
Styling by Belinda Roelofs 
Hair & make-up by Yuni Wilson 
Swimwear & lingerie by Mary Holland    
Videography by Cameron Brunt
Shot on location at The Mandala Group

The Reaper

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