Rico’s Riotous Return!

Just Cause 4

Game: Just Cause 4
Developer: Avalanche Software
Genre: Action
Format: PS4, XBO, PC
Release: December 4

The Just Cause series is awesome. If you haven’t experimented with Avalanche Software’s riotous brand of open-world action yet then you’re missing out. The previous three games may have pitched serious storylines about ruthless dictators being taken down by rebellious locals, but layered over the top was an over-the-top macho fest of vehicles, explosions and extreme sports. As such, most players were happy to just plant their tongue firmly in cheek and rock ‘n’ roll.

You don’t really need to know the existing story to enjoy Just Cause 4, but for those who’ve been following along, series hero Rico Rodriguez is back. He is investigating the death of his father in the hope of learning more about his past. This leads him to the South American country of Solis, where the military regime Black Hand rules with an iron fist (and experimental weather technology).

Naturally, these evil bastards need to be taken down and as we’ve seen with the previous games, Rico’s tactic is rebellion. He initiates the Army of Chaos, a movement encouraging locals to fight back against the Black Hand, and the game’s objectives and goals enable you to this in specific missions, or through organic moments that unfold through natural play.

The weather plays a huge role in Just Cause 4. The game, like its predecessors, looks stunning. The massive world – some 1024 square kilometres – offers a vast range of biomes, from snowy mountains, to deserts, to rainforests and more. But it’s the huge weather events that take centre stage. Tornados that suck you and everything around you up and spin you around; storms that send lightning bolts jolting to the ground; blinding sandstorms and blizzards – it’s amazing.

It just adds another ingredient to the chaos. Much as we’ve seen with games like Grand Theft Auto, you’ll spend hours here not focusing on the story or objectives, and just goofing around. Just Cause is one of those games that arms you with overpowered tools, skills and weapons, and then gives you a playground with realistic physics and AI behaviour to go crazy in.

There’s not nearly enough space here to run through all the ridiculous, laugh-out-loud situations you will find yourself in while playing this game. However, to whet your appetite, know that you can now attach balloons to objects and program them to follow you – this allows you to do things like create a floating tank to shepherd you. You can also now attach boosters to objects, such as a car or boat, to get extra speed for some spectacular stunts.

There are some great improvements to the grappling hook, too. Plus the wingsuit returns, allowing you to glide across the map with ease. There’s still no multiplayer, but that shouldn’t stop you from dropping in on the Just Cause 4 fun. It’s an action fans’ paradise that offers as many laughs as thrills in a world you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

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