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Green Lantern – Mark Strong Interview

Mark Strong, who plays villain Sinestro, breaks down the Green Lantern

The villain is ugly and powerful.
“I play Sinestro, and apparently director Martin Campbell always saw similarities between me and the character. He’s a magenta-skinned alien with a pencil moustache, so I’m not sure how flattering that is. The powers I possess are mind-boggling, though.”

It’s true to the comic.
“I don’t think the writers stray from the source material. People seem pretty familiar with Batman and other DC Comics heroes, but less so with the Green Lantern. The story is so vast. I hear they’ve already scripted a sequel.”

Ryan Reynolds is gnarly. Yes, Mark is serious about this.
“Hal Jordan [Reynolds] is someone who has no problem kissing the girl, throwing a punch and cracking a joke – and, really, that’s Ryan in real life. He’s a great guy. We had some good chats.”

The special effects deliver in spades.
“The CGI and the artwork are absolutely breathtaking. There are plenty of floating-in-space scenes, but there’s also plenty of boom and bang, because the Lanterns are fighting against the strongest enemy imaginable. Fans won’t be disappointed.”

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