Let’s Get Physical


From big band nerd to top fitness model and actress — it’s time for us all to get to know more about AMY REBECCA…

Congrats on your first MAXIM feature, Amy. How do you feel?
It feels amazing and I’m very fortunate! I can’t help to smile from ear to ear. I shot this during summer in Malibu, California and it was inspired by the classic California girl next door cliché.

Nice. Any funny things happen on this shoot?
Yes. I had some college boys ask my photographer if they could take a photo with me. It was kind of cute. They just came up to me and asked for my social media and a photo. They also helped carry all our equipment to our vehicles. Very kind of them!

Well, you do look gorgeous. When do you feel you are at your sexiest?
I feel sexy all the time because feeling sexy all starts with your attitude. I choose to be sexy every day.

What is your best asset?
My legs. Personally, I love the shape of them and it’s something that took hard work to build. Otherwise, I would say my personality. Most people think I’m nice and charming.

Tell us a little more about yourself and your life story so far.
I was born in Florida but I spent my childhood in the Dominican Republic. I was a very shy kid and always the teacher’s pet. When I moved back to Florida, I joined the marching band and was a big band nerd. After I graduated – I studied economics – I pursued fitness by competing and now I’m living in Hollywood, California and am one of the top fitness models and an actress. Life is great!

How long have you been modelling and what would you be doing if you weren’t a model?
I’ve been modelling for about two years. If I wasn’t modelling I’d probably be working in banking or finance or perhaps be a flight attendant.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?
Probably how silly I am. I like to make jokes and lighten up the mood.

What have you learnt about men over the years?
That they cannot be all compared the same.

What’s one thing men should always know about women?
When a girl is nice to you, it doesn’t mean that they are romantically interested in you. It’s annoying when guys assume I’m interested in them because I’m a nice person – it kind of forces girls to not be friendly.

You’ve probably heard some scary pick-up lines over the years — what’s the worst you’ve had?
Oh my goodness, I’m not sure where to start! I was once at a bar in New York with my girlfriend and this guy asked if he could sit next to me because someone ordered some smelly cheese and the seat next to me was the only one available. A year later, he admitted that he saw me the moment I walked in and used the smelly cheese as an excuse to talk to me. We dated for a bit, so it was a cute, happy ending.

Jeez, clearly we need to try the “smelly cheese” method!
I had another guy chase me down the street around my neighbourhood three days in a row – I didn’t notice. He saw me in the water section at the supermarket and asked me what was the best water to drink, then he admitted he already had water and just wanted to talk to me.

What do you look for in a man?
I look for personality, drive and passion. I love passionate people. Looks also catch my attention but I prefer an amazing personality and character to come with it. A sense of humour and intelligence is definitely a turn on, too.

Describe your ideal date.
Riding on a hot air balloon overseeing a countryside while drinking champagne. I almost had it happen in New Zealand, but it was not meant to be. I think I would instantly fall in love if this were to happen.

Would you ever date one of your social media followers?
I can’t see why I wouldn’t date one of my followers. As long as they knew me for me and not for social media.

What’s the weirdest thing someone has sent you via social media?
I had this famous actor send me pictures of myself and comment about them via my DMs. I didn’t know until he came up to me on set telling me that he private messaged me. It was so weird because he kept sending me every single photo I posted of myself.

Who is your girl crush?
J-Lo. She’s such an amazing woman. Talk about a woman who can do anything and everything. She went from a dancer to a famous actress, singer, entrepreneur and a mum. Oh, and her looks are still amazing. It’s like she’s never aged.

Any exciting projects on the horizon you can share with us?
I am competing for my next WBFF PRO bikini competition (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) in London this November. I am super excited and training really hard to win the crown.

Where would you like to be in five years?
As long as I am happy it doesn’t matter. ■




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