The Temptress

Marikh Mathias, the Indian-origin model is currently making waves on American television. MAXIM gets up-close and personal with the entrepreneur-by-day and Instagram hottie-by-night…

What are you up to on a regular day?
Between running my business, modelling and working on new projects I don’t know where the day goes. If I have time to do anything else, I love grabbing dinner with friends or binge watching a couple episodes of something sci-fi.

You’re actually in the food business. Do you have any secret Indian recipes that have been passed down for generations?
My mother is an amazing cook, and so was my grandmother. More than a particular recipe, I learnt the art of creating flavours and textures, that dance in perfect harmony together, from them. I have yet to master rolling a perfectly round roti, so maybe that’s the secret!

Round rotis FTW! What did you learn from your time on The Bachelor India?
I like being mysterious, and keeping some things private, but my time on The Bachelor taught me the importance of expressing myself. Now, instead of always being elusive, I share more of myself. It actually makes me feel empowered and more understood.

You’ve spoken up against ‘glam shaming’ on social media. What’s the most important thing that men can learn from this?
It’s about allowing a woman to be truly seen and heard, regardless of how she decides to present herself. I want to be loved for my complexities. Those are my favourite parts of myself, so reducing me to my make-up is an inadequate comprehension of me or any woman.

When do you feel sexiest?
When I’m drinking wine, making dinner and listening to something moody. It’s so simple, but it’s my happy place. I do my best thinking then, and I usually feel like I can take on the world afterwards.

We will have to try this with you soon someday. What’s your ideal date?
I love adventure and being spontaneous, so I would love to do something where we explore each other in situations new to both of us. I would be so into someone taking me zip-lining through a jungle!

What’s the secret to a sexy selfie?
Number one is confidence. Then there’s the perfect angle — from above is pretty universally flattering. And my personal secret weapon — a slight smirk.

Nice. What’s your favourite thing to do in the bedroom?
I love cuddling. I’m one of those people who wants to be snuggled all night long. I don’t mind waking up sweaty, in exchange for being held the entire night.

Any sexy fantasies?
Basically Bella Swan’s honeymoon in Twilight sans the whole vampire part.

Sounds good. What should a man or woman never do in the bedroom?
Move forward without complete consent from their partner.

Absolutely! What is your guiltiest of pleasures?
I absolutely love eating in bed. There’s nothing more satisfying than a pint of ice cream and my bed.

How do you let someone know you’re interested in them?
I’m usually not very forward with men. I guess I’m pretty traditional in the way I like to be pursued. But I’m great at giving someone across the room the green light to come and chat me up.

What’s on your playlist right now?
I need lyrics that speak to me, so I have Lana Del Ray’s newest album on repeat. Also Hozier and 6Lack.

What’s next for Marikh?
I want to continue to model and branch into acting. I love expressing myself creatively, and I’m excited to share my perspective with the world. I just want to create and add as much beauty to the world as I can! ■



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