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The PE Solution

For many men premature ejaculation (PE) can be a serious problem, but what exactly do we mean by serious? Let’s assume your tendency to abandon ship too early is not caused by some medical condition, but you’re in the category where far too often the excitement is all too much for you. So, what causes this and more importantly how can it be addressed? Read on…

Sure your partner may be lying back frustrated while all you want to do is roll over and go to sleep, but one thing to consider is that not all couples are the same. One couple’s marathon may be a quick sprint for another. Some women may be satisfied with just a few minutes, while others may need a few hours! However, one thing you will know for sure is if you are leaving your partner hanging.
So, why do so many men have these issues? I don’t know about you, but for me between the ages of 14 to 19 was one long period of self-satisfaction — or to be more accurate, possibly thousands of short periods of self-satisfaction. Often, due to lack of privacy, these “alone moments” would last less than a minute — a great bit of recreational fun, yes, but not really a great way to condition yourself for an adult relationship.
The second thing to consider is evolution. Our ancestors didn’t really have the luxury of long, lush sex sessions and for those who tried it they were most likely eaten by a passing mountain lion. In order to keep your genes in the pool your best bet was to pop as soon as you could. This means that because of survival of the fittest — or in this case survival of the fastest — the chances are we have evolved from ancestors who had to be very quick in the bedroom department. It was only later when we had the advantages of safe shelters and food on hand, that recreational sex would develop. After all, with no Internet or TV what else was there to do on those long dark nights? These are just a couple of possible causes, but you’re probably more interested in finding a solution. You’ll be pleased to know that all is not lost — here’s our top three options to get you started:


This not only helps with PE, it also has the added reward of being quite pleasant — but you will have to put some time aside. The idea is that you masturbate as normal and when you get close to climax you stop completely. Wait a few seconds until the feeling subsides. Then repeat the process, coming to the brink as many times as you can until eventually you just can’t help yourself. By using this technique you will slowly learn and help recondition your body so that you have more self-control.


That’s right, pelvic floor muscle exercises aren’t just for women. Kegel exercises for men are a great way to increase your ability to last longer in bed but also have the added benefit of improving the overall health and strength of your penis — win-win! Here’s a quick rundown on one easy routine…a) Find your PC muscle — it’s the one you use to stop yourself from peeing; b) Clench the muscle and hold the contraction for as long as you can — you might only manage a couple of seconds at first, but hey, that’s what exercise is for; c) Squeeze and release 10 times. Gradually, you can build up Kegels until you can hold each one for 10 seconds.


While you’re working on your techniques there are also many propriety products you can buy. These are generally in the form of numbing sprays, which you apply to the penis a short time before sex, and usually contain lidocaine or a similar compound. Although effective, they do make you numb which obviously dulls your enjoyment as well as your pleasure. The best product we have found is Edge™ – Delay Gel for Men (pictured left), which is all natural and non-numbing, long lasting and, believe it or not, is made in Australia. The product can be applied long before that special moment and it does not contain lidocaine or benzocaine. How good is that? ■

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