Elizabeth Chevalier

We simply can’t get enough of this sexy cover model, actress and social media sensation. And, as she makes her MAXIM debut, either will you…

Hello Elizabeth, congrats on your MAXIM cover. How do you feel?
Thank you, it feels amazing! I’m assuming it won’t hit me until I see the real thing. It’s a dream come true and I’m so grateful.

What did you love most about this photo shoot?
The whole experience was quite amazing. We shot many looks in freezing cold beach weather, but the whole team was super awesome, they took very good care of me and Arthur is the best photographer to shoot with.

When do you feel sexy?
When I’m confident and have a good tan because confidence is the sexiest. Clothing and make-up any woman can wear, but a tan just always makes you feel and look better.

What is your best asset?
I would say my face, particularly my eyes and lips, because I get a lot of compliments on both.

When you’re not posing for MAXIM what do you do?
I’m either working out at Equinox, travelling around the world or spending time with my dog.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up in sunny San Diego, California and started modelling with agencies at the age of 16. I moved to Los Angeles full-time at 18 and started college doing a degree in biology. Since I’ve located to L.A. I’ve been on two billboards on Sunset Boulevard, one movie and several TV shows and magazine covers. This year I’ve travelled the world to places like Paris, Israel, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Bahamas and Maldives and I continue to strive for more successes and life experiences — this is only the beginning.

What’s the best way for a man to win his way to your heart?
With humour, confidence, consistency, compassion and a little wild side. I also like a man who knows exactly what he wants and is not commitment phobic.

What’s one thing men should always remember about women?
That patience is a virtue and sometimes when a woman says, “No” she doesn’t actually mean “no”.

If you had to take MAXIM on a date, what would it entail?
I would go on a fancy candlelit dinner, maybe in Italy on the Amalfi Coast, and ask everything there is to know about MAXIM Australia.

Would you ever date one of your social media followers?
Yes, I have — my ex-boyfriend. Would I do so again? No, but you never know.

What’s the weirdest thing someone has sent you on social media?
Oh my goodness, there are so many things that I have blocked out of my mind. Mostly dick pics, of course, and paragraphs confessing their admiration for me, but I would say the most cringe worthy thing ever sent to me was on Facebook. It was this guy or “thing” rapping an explicit hip-hop song he made for me. I mean, it wouldn’t have been that terrifying if he wasn’t the creepiest looking thing alive!

Finish this sentence: Public nudity is… Amazing as long as you can get away with it.

What’s next for you? Any exciting projects on the horizon?
Yes! I’m training at my mother’s company and starting the next chapter of my life. I will always model but I want to be everything and anything I can possibly be.

Status Update

FULL NAME: Elizabeth Marie Chevalier
BORN: April 9, 1994
HOMETOWN: San Diego, California, USA
LIVES: Los Angeles, California, USA
THREE-WORD SELF DESCRIPTION: “Feisty, adventurous and devoted.”
HOBBIES: “Travelling, working out and watching alien documentaries.”
FAVOURITE DRINK: “Gin and tonic.”
BEST HANGOVER CURE: “Two Excedrin Migraine and a full glass of OJ.”
TURN OFFS: “Someone who is rude, crass, impolite or who does a half-ass job at something.”
FUN FACT: “I’m obsessed with dachshunds and literally worship my little old dachshund who is now 13 years old.”
BEDTIME ATTIRE: “To be honest, I wear nothing to bed.”
LIFE MOTTO: “Don’t be so worried about what other people think about you because, surprisingly, most people are only focusing on themselves or what you think about them.”


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