Morgan Motor Company

A British automaker builds vintage vehicles for the 21st century…

Morgan Motor Company strives to be an outlier. In fact, the company flips a metaphorical bird at its peers with eclectic designs that defy sports car norms. While the competition uses carbon fibre and composite materials invented by NASA, Morgan sticks to its classic combination of steel chassis, wood frame, and lightweight aluminum body panels, which still offers a one-of-a-kind driving experience.
Since H. F. S. Morgan founded his eponymous company with the launch of his first three-wheeler in 1909, the firm has continually improved its offerings to keep up with technological advances, while never forgetting its heritage. With Morgan’s current 3 Wheeler, relaunched in 2011 and continually upgraded since, Morgan has perfected this balance: vintage style, modern performance.
Morgan’s 3 Wheeler was designed for a single purpose: to squeeze as much fun into driving as possible. The 1,979-cc V-twin engine, prominently placed at the front of the car, produces 82 bhp and can accelerate to 62 mph in six seconds, delivering a top speed of 115 mph. This all with a dry weight of just 1,157 pounds. Morgan chose a five-speed Mazda transmission for its ease of use, reliability, and substantial torque across the entire rpm range.
Starting at a reasonable US$42,649, the 3 Wheeler’s performance delivers far beyond its price tag. Full customisation is also available for most features, from the wheels to its windshield and fine-leather interior. The 3 Wheeler’s “cockpit” features aircraft-inspired instrumentation — fitting for a ride that at times can feel like it’s flying. ■


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