Jordana Woodland

JORDANA WOODLAND thrives in her life as a Mother, a role Model for aspiring women and a Muse for her company, boudoir lifestyle brand, Naked Princess…

As a young girl, I fell in the love with the ‘art of dressing’. I remember watching my mother get ready in the morning at the little station in her bedroom, almost like she was on a movie set,” Jordana explains.

“It was her uninterrupted time to herself, separate from her time with her family. I love that she always took that time and wasn’t ever ashamed of it. I believe creating a boudoir is not only about curating a beautiful physical space, but an emotional place for women to balance the many facets of their lives.”

Jordana’s message through her company Naked Princess is to encourage women to embrace the power of intentional self-care. Since becoming a mother, nothing has stopped her career. She believes women can do whatever makes them feel fulfilled; juggle a family, run a growing business, empower other women… – all while feeling and looking their best.

“When women treat themselves well, they are more likely to treat other people well, too. Taking time to do what makes them feel happy and beautiful sets the tone for the rest of their lives, so that they can go be a better mum or friend or worker, or whatever else they need to be. The idea of creating products that encourage women to live better is what keeps me inspired every day.” ■

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