Norton V4 RR

Look past the gorgeous design and you’ll find Norton’s latest ride is an engineering masterpiece…

Take a glance at the new Norton V4 RR motorcycle and you might think it’s a museum piece instead of a high-performance machine. But don’t be fooled by the stylish design. Norton developed this mobile work of art at the most difficult motorcycle course on earth, the Isle of Man circuit, perfecting the 1200cc V-4 engine capable of producing more than 200 brake horsepower. The V4 RR is a feat of engineering. Its aluminum twin-tube shotgun chassis takes 26 hours to hand-polish, and the bodywork is formed from lightweight carbon fibre. Even the gas tank is made from carbon fibre, combined with Kevlar reinforcement, which may help prevent a potential puncture. Both wheels are crafted of forged aluminum, and 330-mm Brembo disc brakes are entrusted to bring the speed demon to a safe halt. If the V4 RR appears to be a true TT racer, that’s largely due to its heritage.

Norton tested the concepts that became the V4 RR on its SG5 TT race bike, a machine that finished seventh at the 2016 Superbike TT competition at the Isle of Man. Norton gives owners the option of flipping between engine modes — settings include Road, Sport, and Pro-Race — but keeps riders out of trouble with both advanced traction and anti-wheelie control. Meanwhile, launch control maximises acceleration and cruise control gives riders a little comfort on long rides. With a starting price of around US$38,000, the V4 RR is an extreme motorcycle: a force on race circuits that’s also suitable for your commute. Norton also offered a V4 SS limited edition of 200 units at a cost of up to US$60,000, for which you could get billet aluminum parts instead of forged or cast ones, as well as a titanium race system. You can switch the aluminum wheels for carbon fiber and choose to forgo the chrome paint job for a raw carbon fibre that looks incredible in natural light. ■

By Keith Gordon

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