Are You Budgie Smuggler Ready?


In summer, a six pack isn’t the only thing on show. Yep, we’re talking about down below. From bare legs to budgie smugglers, the beach can shrivel the bravest man’s body confidence. But this can now all change thanks to a new procedure by CALIBRE Clinic. Dr. Jayson Oates, (FRACS) explains…

Already 60 per cent of us are feeling the heat about our penis size or shape, according to Dr. Jayson Oates. And that’s before we slip on a pair of swimmers and self-consciously parade our package in some clinging lycra. “Size is an important issue for many men and is considered to symbolize masculinity and sexual prowess,” explains Dr. Oates, a facial plastics and cosmetic surgeon (FRACS).

The issue he most commonly sees is self esteem. “Well endowed” is actually to do more with a man’s psyche than anything else, says Oates. And while all that working out at the gym is great, it won’t muscle up where it is most wanted if that’s the root cause. Like a case of spreading sunburn, a bad day at the beach can quickly show up in unexpected areas, like less confidence in the bedroom and boardroom. “Men commonly believe that ‘bigger is better’ and they need to impress their sexual partners. So when men feel inadequate, it can have a major negative impact on their self-esteem and sexual functioning,” says Oates.

He sees an 80 percent upsurge in requests for ‘male overs’ as the weather warms, much like cosmetic surgeons report an increase in women seeking breast augmentation consultations as Summer dawns. “Men are increasingly seeking products and procedures,” he adds. However, Oates reassures, it’s not about trying to fill your budgie smugglers with a cockatoo. Nor is it about surgery, known as phalloplasty, that comes with cost, recovery time and scarring. “Men have been risking their manhood with unsafe surgical procedures and potentially harming their sexual and psychological wellbeing for too long.”

Instead, men can secretly slip into swimwear after the CALIBRE procedure for non-surgical enhancement using dermal fillers, similar to what is used to rejuvenate and plump the face. Dr. Oates has performed over 150 CALIBRE procedures on men as young as 22 and as old as 68 and is now training other doctors in the technique. “The Calibre procedure involves the injection of dermal fillers just below the penile skin. The fillers used have been TGA-approved for injection to the face and especially as applying them to penis enhancement is an ‘off label’ use.” Dr. Oates cautions that it is important to remember this is a medical procedure that should only be performed by doctors who have been trained specifically in the procedure and certified. “The treatment involves firstly numbing the area being treated with a topical gel and once injected you’ll notice the results immediately. The injection of 15ml of filler will lead to an increase of the penis’ girth when flaccid of one inch — when erect. This means an increase of about 0.5–0.7 inches. Due to the weight of the filler there may also be some growth in penis length when flaccid.”

Once the procedure is completed, the filler remains workable for about two weeks – during this time you can smooth out any lumps, bumps or irregularities. “The fillers don’t cause a loss of sensation or erection, and are naturally absorbed into the penile tissue and broken down over a period of 18-24 months or longer. It’s also rapidly reversible if there’s a rare issue.” As well as being suitable for enlarging the shaft of the penis, CALIBRE may also be used on the penis head, or glands, all summer long. ■

Did You Know?

• Smoking can shrink your manhood

• In an international men’s health survey about 12% of penises gained one-third or less of their total length with an erection and about 7% doubled in length. An international men’s health survey

• Yes, it can break! There is no “penis bone” as such, however you can still break your penis. When a penile fracture occurs, there is an audible “pop” or ‘snap’ and the penis begins to turn black and blue and is very painful. Penile fractures are very rare and generally happen to younger men as their erections tend to be more rigid.

• Measuring up the average:
Flaccid length: 9.2cm (3.7 inches)
Erect length: 13.1cm (5.25 inches)

• The average male orgasm only lasts six seconds. That’s almost four times shorter than the average for a female which is 23 seconds.

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