Jami-Lee Boyle

This stunning 18-year-old model, and laid-back beauty, from the Central Coast in NSW is definitely one up-and-comer to watch in 2018…

Hey Jami-Lee, congrats on your first MAXIM feature. How do you feel?
I’m excited and absolutely thrilled to be featured in MAXIM, thank you!

What do you love most about this photo shoot?
We shot this at Fingal Bay in NSW, which is one of my favourite places, and we wanted to shoot something sexy making it all about glowing skin, the swimwear and the landscape. The beaches in this bay area are all amazing and I loved being able to work with [photographer] Neil Dixon again. We had a lot of fun shooting this feature together.

Any funny anecdotes from the day that you can share?
A wakeboarder was trying to get close to us while we were shooting on the beach and trying his hardest to impress with some tricks that kind of missed the mark. It was cute but hilarious.

What goes through your mind whilst shooting a sexy feature like this?

The huge feed that I’m going to get on the way home!

When do you feel sexy?
When I’m fresh out of the shower or in a brand new dress right before a night out.

What is your best asset?
I’m easy going – I feel as though I can get along with anyone.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.
I grew up in Newcastle with my dad and brother. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and was always listening to Eminem – I definitely thought I was going to be the next Slim Shady. Growing up I never really travelled out of Newcastle, so modelling has really opened up my world to new faces and places which is the best part.

How long have you been modelling?
Nearly two years now, after being scouted by a photographer named Johanna in Newcastle. She chased me for months and I finally had the confidence to agree to shoot with her. I’m so glad I did — I can’t imagine doing anything else at the moment.

Describe a typical day for you.
If I have casting or shooting I am up before sunrise and travelling to Sydney for the day or racing to get to hair and make-up done on time. If I have got the day off I love a sleep-in and a day at the beach. At night I either catch up on my favourite shows or go to dinner with friends.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?
I’m quite shy until you get to know me. I also find that social media can portray someone to seem completely different. People are quite surprised that I’m really just a dork when they meet me.

What’s the funniest rumour you’ve heard about yourself?
That I’ve had plastic surgery — all that stuff scares me!

What’s the freakiest thing someone has sent you via social media?
The fake profiles of myself and my close friends. Someone had been impersonating all of us for months and was having this back and forth friendship online pretending to be my friends and I. It was disturbing.

What have you learnt about men over the years?
Men’s looks don’t say anything else about them. Oh, and they fart a lot.

What do you look for in a man?
A good sense of humour and motivation in life. You don’t have to look like a Calvin Klein model to win me over.

What’s one thing men should always know about women?
We can eat just as much as you can or even more.

What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
“If you we’re a burger at Maccas you would be called the McBeautiful.”

Wow. If you had to take MAXIM on a date, what would it entail?
We’d have a candlelit seaside dinner and a romantic stroll along the beach — kidding! Takeaway and a movie is good enough for me.

Finally, what’s next for you?

I’ve had a few big castings recently, so we’ll see what eventuates, and I’m shooting with new brands I love, too. I also hope to travel the world doing what I love – it might sound cliché but who doesn’t love to travel? ■

Photographed by NEIL DIXON
Interview by SANTI PINTADO
Hair and make-up by STEVI HOPKINS

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