Jessica Gomes

Australian model and actress JESSICA GOMES celebrates our special 75th anniversary issue, by gracing us with her beauty in this sexy cover shoot, and talks up her new movie Once Upon A Time in Venice…

How did you get into modelling, Jessica?
My mother put me into grooming and deportment classes when I was 10 years old because I didn’t have the best time at school. And thats when it all started.

What is your favourite thing about being a model?
The travel and the people you get to meet. For me, I was exposed to a whole other world which was from a very different world to where I grew up.

What has been your sexiest moment in your career so far?
My foray into films — this has been a long term goal of mine. And also working with Sports Illustrated when I shot for when I was 22 — I love what they represent. I don’t think I’m sexy… I guess sexy is an attitude and you turn it on and off.

What most attracts you to acting?
I started out acting, when I was little, before modelling actually. I just love being someone else and creating something that sends a message.

Tell us something about your latest film Once Upon A Time in Venice we wouldn’t know.
I really had a lot of laughs on the set and I actually auditioned five times to get the role! When I first saw it on the big screen — it is just really weird watching yourself!

How did it feel doing an intimate scene with the one and only Bruce Willis?
I didn’t think about it too much — at the end of the day it is acting.

What is the hardest part about being an actress?
I think the scrutiny from media, I try to ignore it and just focus on what I am working hard towards. Ignore all negativity and just focus on your purpose, that’s the best advice.

As model and an actress, you certainly get to travel a lot. What has been your most memorable location to date?
Madagascar! It was so beautiful and I love all the animals in Africa.

What do you miss most about Australia when you are abroad?
I miss my family the most and, of course, the beautiful beaches.

Tell us about your beauty brand Equal Beauty.
Its an Australian made luxury travel skincare range which focuses on hydration and protection. Its fragrance free for everyone and it’s all natural! It took me three years to develop the products and brandto get it to where it is now. There is only five products in the range, so it’s easy to use and I love it!

What is the your definition of beauty?
It’s a light that surrounds somebody or something. I see it’s in a lot of places.

In your eyes, what do you think makes a woman beautiful?
Kindness, honesty, humour and someone who is themselves and not trying to be anybody or anything else.

Why did you decide to launch your own skincare line?
I felt like I needed something I could travel with and have an easy step program to follow that didn’t smell like a fragrance.I wanted something really saturated and not diluted.

Let’s talk about men for a sec. How would you describe your ideal man?
Someone who is intelligent, kind, caring, gentle and also funny! Honesty is also very attractive to me.

What is the best way for a man to get your attention?
I don’t know, it’s always a bit weird intentionally trying to get attention! I am all for the natural organic way — if the vibe is right go for it. Just be yourself and do the right thing!

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