VSforMen DIY


Accomplishing the perfect hair and beard trim is easier than you think with these brilliant VSforMen XPRO SERIES tools…

Quick Tips: Short Hair Cutting & Touch-Ups

1. Before you use your clipper make sure it’s fully charged and the cutting head is free from hair and debris. This will give you an optimum power performance as well as smooth, fast cutting every time.
2. Securely attach the cutting comb guide you require and then turn on the power to begin your haircut.
3. If you’re going for a short, all-over even cut, start at the back of your neck holding the clipper with its teeth pointing upwards and make sure the comb guide is resting flat against your head.
4. Once you’re happy with the length at the back, start clipping the top and sides. Hold the clipper to the front of your hair with the teeth pointing towards the back of your head, and then move the clipper towards your crown.
5. If you want to take the back and sides to an even shorter length simply attach a shorter comb guide and begin cutting at the nape of the neck. To finish up, trim down any longer hairs around the ears and sideburn areas and you’re all done!

To get the look you want MAXIM recommends the easy-to-use VSforMen X6 PRO Hair Clipper. This at-home tool is guaranteed to give you an optimum performance, as well as a smooth, even and fast cut every time.

Quick Tips: Stubble Trimming & Touch-Ups

1. For the best results, your facial hair should be clean, dry and combed until it’s tangle-free — backcombing the hair will help get it nice and even.
2. If using a trimmer for the first time it’s a good idea to grow your stubble for a few days before so you can trim down to a level that is best for you.
3. Lock the comb guide into place by clicking it into its position making sure it’s secured, then adjust the settings to the cutting length you’d like to use. Best to go for a longer setting to start with then trim it again if the length is still longer than you desire.
4. Spend a bit of extra time trimming under the chin and the neck area as the hair is thicker and grows in many different directions. Sometimes it’s good to go with the grain, so if your hair is directing upwards, go upwards with it. If it’s directing downwards, go downward.
5. For a close finish around the sideburns and cheeks, detach the comb guide and turn the trimmer over so that the blades are closest to the face. Trim around the sideburns, cheeks and edges of your beard/stubble, taking care around the sideburns and edges so that you don’t trim the hair too short.

To get the look you want MAXIM recommends the easy-to-use VSforMen X3 PRO Beard and Stubble Trimmer. This at-home tool is guaranteed to give you a precise and even trim every time.

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