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Anytime is a great time for a change of image

The Mad Men-style comb-overs will still be all the rage in 2017, according to grooming expert Peter Rushdi. “They won’t be going anywhere,” says The Barberhood master barber. And neither will the “almost undercut”. “A lot of guys are keeping the undercut, but not the ’90s look,” Rushdi says. “It’s really short around the sides and back, and then long on top with a quiff for straight hair and curls for curls.” Sydney-based owner of The Barberhood Renee Baltov says, “Men don’t necessarily think about what their face looks like, but our barbers will look at the face and head shape.

“Many people have bumps all over their head, which when covered with a lot of hair is not noticeable, but if you try to go for a No.2 shave, then one side might look longer than the other. A barber would fix that.” While barbers can follow the latest trends, Rushdi says it’s important to feel good in your own skin. “Be aware of what makes you feel comfortable and not just what’s in fashion,” he advises. “Keeping it simple and basic, and not trying to get too trendy, always looks good.”

1 Make sure your beard is wet: Warm water or a hot towel opens the pores and softens the skin.
2 Apply a pre-shave oil: This will soften the skin even more.
3 Use quality shaving cream: The best ones work up into a rich lather. Avoid creams with strong fragrances and colours if you have sensitive skin.
4 Use a traditional shaving brush: Badger hair brushes achieve the closest lather shave.
5 Use a quality razor: Change blades regularly to avoid razor burn, or nicks and cuts.
6 Cleanse and soothe after shaving: Rinse face with warm water and pat dry. Don’t rub as skin will be sensitive.
7 Finish with an aftershave lotion or balm, or moisturiser: These products hydrate, soothe, cool and revitalise, reducing skin irritation or redness caused by shaving.

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