Dajana Gudic

Tell us a bit about yourself, Dajana.
I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia — my parents and I lived there during the war. The tragic war took a toll on their marriage and my father moved to America. I stayed with my mother and joined my dad later on when I was 14. My parents decided I would have better opportunities in America but I didn’t even speak English back then so I was fresh off the boat. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Broadcasting, I’ve been modelling for a long time and I recently started acting as well.

What’s the best thing about Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina?
My father is Croatian and mother is Serbian but I consider all three countries my home. Croatia is by far the most beautiful as I’m sure you heard about yacht week and amazing islands like Brac or Hvar. Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, too. Also, our seafood is amazing!

Tell us about this shoot.
This shoot was in Laguna Beach, California with my favourite photographer. I always enjoy shooting with him and my fans love and support our work the most.

How does it feel to be in MAXIM Australia for your first feature shoot?
It feels amazing to be in MAXIM Australia! I love you guys and I’m so honoured to be featured in your magazine. I can’t wait until my uncle from Melbourne sees my sexy pics!

What do you do when you’re not posing for MAXIM?
I’m too busy loving life, going to castings, shooting commercials and movies or reading. I strongly believe in self-growth and learning something new every day.

How did you get into modelling?
Randomly. I was 15 and I picked up a job at a cute clothing store in our local shopping centre. The owner approached me and asked if I would model for them instead of being a sales clerk. Needless to say, I said yes! I remember I was hiding it from my dad at the time and at one point I was on ads all over our town. The funny thing is he didn’t even notice and he would drive by my posters every day!

What is the best about being a model?
What I love about being a model is my freedom — I don’t have to be somewhere every day at the same time and that’s priceless. Also, shooting a lot of swimwear and lingerie also keeps me motivated to work out and look good.

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing?

I would be volunteering all around the world which I actually plan to do in the near future.

What’s your best asset and why?
Being kind and compassionate. I also have a very positive outlook on life and I’m so grateful for everything and everyone around me.

You play a night club host in the upcoming movie All-Star Weekend starring Jamie Foxx , Eva Longoria and Jeremy Piven. What was that like?
It was a dream come true to work with so many talented people. I was in a scene with all three of them and they were amazing to work with. I got to the set late and ended up doing my own make-up in two minutes! All I could think is, “Oh my God, I probably look crazy” but no-one noticed! All-Star Weekend will be the funniest comedy of the year — I can’t wait until it comes out this fall.

You’ve said that the favourite place you’ve travelled is Bora Bora — why?
It must be because I’ve never been to Australia! The water in Bora Bora is so calm and beautiful and the snorkeling is incredible — I even got to touch a nine-foot Lemon Shark which I probably shouldn’t have done. I was the only girl on our tour who was crazy enough to do it and I have a video to prove it for whoever doesn’t believe me. For anyone travelling to Bora Bora, the aqua bike activity is a must, too. It’s only possible to go aqua biking in two places in the world and this is one of them.

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