Josh Gad

If LeFou had to die in Beauty and the Beast, how would you have him go?
Oh, a horse-riding accident — that’s how the actor playing LeFou almost died on the set of Beauty and the Beast, so I would share that with him. He dies falling off the horse and then the wolves finish him off — that’s a pretty awful way to go but I guess it works.

How do you want to die?
Oh, man. I guess surrounded by loved ones and knowing that my work will live on. That would be a lovely way to go… at a very old age I hope!

What’s your last meal?
Probably an animal-style In-N-Out burger — the best burgers in the world — with an Oreo Cookie milkshake. I may even do two.

What prop from Beauty and the Beast would you take to the grave with you?
Something enchanted like the same thing that brings the Beast back from death. I’d want that – whatever that is — as it would be very handy if I’m dead.

What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?
I studied in Australia in 2003. I went to NIDA — the National Institute of Dramatic Arts at University of New South Wales — in Sydney and lived in Coogee Beach. I feel like I became a local for the six months I was in Australia.

Are you going to go Heaven or Hell?
I hope I go to Heaven. I think I’ve been pretty good. You always make mistakes in life but I feel like I’m Heaven bound. It would be weird if Olaf [the character he voiced in Frozen] goes straight to Hell. That would definitley be an odd twist.

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