Olivia Kenny

Hey Olivia, tell the readers a bit about yourself.
I was born and raised in Sydney, I’m 23, and some people assume from all my social media uploads of my two cats that I’m a crazy cat lady — I’m just an animal lover! I’ve also been a MAXIM girl for almost four years now and I love it.

Yes, and as one of our MAXIM jumpsuit girls you represent us at our events and such. What’s the funniest or creepiest thing that’s happened to you in the infamous red jumpsuit?
Honestly, I can’t think of just one funny or creepy thing that’s happened to me in the jumpsuit as there’s way too many to think of. But that’s what I love about the jumpsuit — you’re in a skin-tight, red lycra outfit and everyone can have a little perve and joke about it. I feel like the jumpsuit brings out most men’s inner creep, but hey, creepers gonna keep creepin’ on right?!

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing?
Well, modelling can’t last forever so I do have an awesome job I do casually. I love talking to people and I love fashion so I’m lucky I get to work in a place where I can be surrounded and do both. Obviously my favourite thing to do is to pose for MAXIM, but I also work in luxury sales and do some commercial work. Gotta keep changing it up!

Tell us about this sexy shoot.
I loved this shoot! The Sydney location at Wanda Beach (near Cronulla) was awesome and we started at 6am in the middle of winter. We saw the sunrise before we took the first shot, and it was beautiful but heck, shooting in four degrees wasn’t the best that’s for sure!

What’s your best asset?
I always get complimented on my eyes, especially because in different lighting they can look grey to baby blue.

How would you describe yourself in five words?
Outgoing, inappropriate, funny, caring and understanding.

Do you have a hidden talent?
Easily my smooth dance moves. Alright, they’re definitely not smooth but my friends seem to encourage me to bring them out when we head out.

What’s the best and worst thing about social media?
Best thing — the rigs on there. Worst thing — seeing what the rigs you stalk on there actually look like in person.

What’s the weirdest thing a follower has sent you on Instagram?
The weirdest thing I’ve definitely received was a guy asking to pay me to meet him and take selfies in order to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. Times can be tough so it was slightly tempting.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever uploaded to any of your social media accounts?
I always upload inappropriate memes but my mum sees them and says, “You filthy girl, delete that!” So my social media now is pretty clean. Unless they have records somewhere that I need to smash, destroy and bury.

Who is a must-follow on Instagram?
@bullyinstagram — I’m obsessed with bulldogs.

Would you ever date a fan or one of your followers?
A lot of my followers are people I know, so I can’t see why not.

What can a man do to impress and win you over?
Food. Always food. I love Italian food just in case anyone wants to win me over.

What is the weirdest thing you find attractive in a guy?
Sense of humour. Someone can be struggling to hit a three out of 10 but if they’re funny, or weird, they can reach a 10 very easily with me.

Describe your perfect date.
I’m super laidback and love just going to the movies and dinner, then calling it a night.

Ever had an embarrassing moment on a date?
Yes. I was on a date, with a nice guy, and we went to a park overlooking Bondi Beach in Sydney when I face planted down a step I didn’t see. He didn’t help me straight away, laughed, then said,
“Hey, you OK?”. Hilarious!

Where do men go wrong with women?
Honesty. Men can either be crazy or crazy, but they can limit the crazy by being honest. I also can’t stand when men ramble about what they have or flash their watches and materialistic things they have. Any woman who bites at this is definitely not the woman you want be with.

What’s one thing men should always know about women?

Compliments go a long way, but please be genuine.

Who knows you the best?
I have a really awesome small group of friends who definitely know my good and bad sides. And, of course, there is my mum and boyfriend.

You date a famous guy. Tell us about him and how you met?
We met in Sydney while he was here from America promoting the NFL [National Football League] — he plays for the Washington Redskins as a wide receiver. At the time we didn’t really pay each other much attention but a few months down the track we started talking, clicked and have been together ever since.

So a date with us is out of the question then?
I feel like MAXIM is the same chiller as me, so I’d be happy to do movies and dinner with you but that’s it!

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