Bianca Haase

Fun photo shoot? It looked pretty good from our angle.
It was so much fun. We listened to Biggie remixes the entire time.

What was it like hanging with the Hot Tub crew?
They had auditioned so many people for my part, the actors had no idea I’d been cast, so when I walked onto set and introduced myself, they thought I was a production assistant. I was like, “Oh, no, we’re gonna be makin’ out soon!” Which is hilarious because it’s like I have to make out with someone in everything I do.

Who are some of these lucky guys?
Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother, Joey Lawrence in Melissa and Joey, and now Clark Duke.

And what are their make-out techniques?
Neil is all business. He just takes charge and gets it done. No hesitation. Joey applies ChapStick beforehand, which is very considerate. And I had to make out with Clark so many times, it just started to turn into something that felt like dead people making out with each other.

The movie filmed in New Orleans. Tell us your best Big Easy story.
I love alcoholic beverages, and I love to make fancy cocktails for people. But I was in New Orleans for such a long time — and you can’t Power Hour all day every day — so I didn’t drink too much. Instead, I walked around and watched all the drunk people stumbling around. It puts Las Vegas to shame.

Do you need a reason to drink?
Hey! I drink in Vegas, and not for any “reason.” I love margaritas! That’s the only reason I need.

In the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 trailer, there’s a shot of you in your underwear.
Yeah, but that’s just in the trailer… in the movie, I’m actually topless.

Good to know. Were you nervous about shooting that particular scene?
I was a little bit hesitant. You think, like, “Oh, gosh, my high school principal is probably gonna see this.” But I’ve never been nervous about boobs in general. They’re just boobs.

We like your style! You know, that’s what it came down to. I was like, “I’m gonna make the world a better place. It will be a better place with my boobs exposed.” ■

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