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James Magnussen

G’day, Maggie. Did you enjoy this MAXIM fashion shoot?
It was awesome. Great location at Pier One, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, great weather, and the MAXIM team were also great. It’s always fun to dress up in some cool clothes and watches.

Speaking of watches, you’ve signed a three-year deal with Maurice Lacroix. Tell us about your ambassador role for them.
I’ve always really liked the brand and what they were doing, so in 2013 my manager contacted them and we’ve been working together ever since. It’s a really great relationship. A have a few watches but the Pontos S is my favourite because it suits my lifestyle, is really versatile, and the one style I use most. It’s really good to wear around the pool deck and I can also put the metal bracelet on it and dress it up a bit.

How’d you describe your fashion style?
It’s evolving, and quite versatile, because I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and at the gym, so I’ve got the active wear style thing happening but I also like to wear
suits and dress nicely.

What do you look for in a suit?
Most of my suits need to get tailored to fit as I can’t just buy off the rack given my size. Anyone can buy the nicest, most expensive suit with a really cool, edgy pattern, but the most important thing is that it fits properly.

Do you have any embarrassing items in your wardrobe?
Not really. I like to wear my Bulldogs jersey a fair bit but people always tell me that rugby league jerseys are unfashionable. Also, I got snapped by the paparazzi in a pair of budgie smugglers the other day. I’m not really sure how embarrassing that is given I’m in Speedos most of my life.

How do you handle the paparazzi?
I’m fine with it now. When I first got thrown into the spotlight I was quite young and it was all a bit unnerving and I was unsure about how to deal with it. I’ve definitely gotten used to it since and now see it as part of my job description.

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