Darren McMullen

Hey, mate, how’d this fashion shoot go?
It went really well. It was too easy — the crew was great to work with and the photos are really cool. Plus, I got to drink whisky at midday which is always a good thing.

We do what we can here at MAXIM. What did you love most about the day?
The Armani suits were banging and I loved the hotel (the Langham Sydney) where we shot this. In fact, I liked it so much I ended up moving into it. That is, until I head back home to Los Angeles.

You’ve lived in L.A. for a while now. Why is that?
Well I moved to L.A. a few years ago, when I was offered a job hosting a show. However, as Murphy’s Law would have it, my career took off in Australia and the UK, and then The Voice came along. So, ever since moving to L.A. I’ve practically been living out of a suitcase and hotels. While filming The Voice in Sydney I lived at the QT hotel but after this shoot moved into the Langham. When I work on House Husbands, in Melbourne, I also stay in a hotel. I’ve been living in hotels since February this year.

For those who don’t know much about Darren McMullen, tell us a bit about your background.
Well, I’m Scottish and I moved to Australia when I was 12. My parents had been out here years before I was born and made the mistake a lot of Brits make by deciding to go back home after two weeks. They were like, “Oh shit, what are we doing in this cold, miserable country instead of one of Sydney’s beaches?”

You started out in marketing, right?
Yes, I did go for jobs in the field I was in which was sales and marketing. I knew that if I was comfortable doing a nine-to-five job I wouldn’t have that killer instinct and hunger I needed to strive for this goal to become a TV host. So, I just said no to everything that wasn’t going to further the sales career and did a lot of jobs for free at first because people are willing to do this stuff for free. The caveat for that is if you stick at it long enough it pays off. I’ve been doing hosting for 10 years now and I land a show like The Voice. But you never know how long these shows go for, we may have only one more season of The Voice and then it’s back to the dole line for me. .

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