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Tim Cahill

How did the partnership with Glue Store come about ?
When I was in Sydney earlier this year I spent sometime with their CEO and founder Hilton Seskin and his team. The vision they had for the Cahill+ range really impressed me. They are passionate about building brands and I could see their direction of supporting premium men’s sportswear which really excited me. We are building this brand for the future and to work with a retail partner such as Glue Store is a step in the right direction, allowing us to showcase our unique sports-luxe designs.

How do you see the brand evolving in Australia?
We have a Cahill+ concept area going into their SuperGlue Stores that will help tell the brand story over the next few months. It’s all about giving the customer an insight into the world of Cahill+ via telling the product story and working with the Glue Store team and other retail partners within Australian and globally. The brand has also received strong interest in USA, Canada and Shanghai so it’s always going to be an international brand and design program which we present to Australian consumers.

Sounds like you are really involved in the whole process.
Well, I wanted to be more involved with Shoreditch and have my own line of clothing. They were surprised at this and after three or four meetings it fit well and Cahill+, the brand from Shoreditch, will be a vision from us over the years to come.

How would you describe the Cahill+ brand?
Simple and comfortable. You can tell from the looks that I’ve gone from the gym to the office to going out — all in one design. So it’s all about simplicity with comfort, it’s also pretty funky, and I feel it has a taste of where I’ve lived over the years — Sydney, London, Manchester, New York City and now Shanghai. I’ve brought some different flavours but more importantly it’s lifestyle and comfort and you’ll see all the designs and fabrics hitting Glue Stores this month. It’s something I’m very proud of.

What makes Shoreditch suits so good?
Suits now are transitioning to a different level and it’s more relaxed tailoring. When you look at a lot of suits they’re very upright and straight and I like my outfits to look simple and comfortable. Shoreditch is a transition from suits which goes into the Cahill+ range. This goes from simplicity of the fabric, colours and also the feel. Some of the Shoreditch suits we have in the Cahill+ range can turn into two or three different looks. And I also feel it’s the price point of quality which definitely suits the consumer buying the product.

What’s the most embarrassing item in your wardrobe?
I wouldn’t say I have anything embarrassing because I’m
not an out-there type of guy. I’d need to ask my wife.

Has she ever asked you to throw away any clothes?
I don’t chuck out clothes. My wardrobe is probably bigger than your lounge room. I’m not even joking. When it comes
to clothes I have a pretty impressive collection.

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