Renee Somerfield

Modelling really began as a hobby for me. I never imagined it would be my full-time job. It started out just for fun but within a year it became a whirlwind. I had to quit my day job to keep up with the demand from the modelling industry. It all happened so fast and now it’s just second nature to me.

What made me successful is that I always put 100 percent into everything I do. I don’t see the point in doing something if you’re not going to give it your best. To be successful you need to think ahead and have a long term plan in mind. Having that mentality has always had my clients coming back time and time again – our actions today turn into results tomorrow.

In saying this, it has been hard work. Being a model isn’t always as glamorous as it seems – whether it be long, gruelling hours, getting changed hundreds of times a day with sore muscles, early mornings or long flights, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. You need to be a strong person, both mentally and physically, to succeed in this job. I celebrated my success last Christmas by buying myself a brand new Range Rover Sport. To me, being successful and independent at such a young age is a huge achievement and celebrating it is important.

Along with the hard work comes the opportunities. Modelling has opened so many doors for me and I am truly grateful to be able to travel the world and experience life abroad. Travel is certainly priceless. I get the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people, some I learn from and others are entertaining to say the least. I’m also a total beach bum, so my job enables me to spend a bit more time on the sand and in the ocean and I’m certainly never going to complain about that side of the gig.

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