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Jason Derulo

How do you want to go?
In my sleep. Peacefully.

Do you have any deathbed confessions?
No, not really, man. Everything about me is pretty much out in the open.

What’s your last meal?
My last meal would consist of a Big Mac and fries from McDonald’s, some Alfredo Pasta, a big-ass rack of ribs, a warm chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream, and a bowl Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

So, you’ve thought about this for a while, then?
It’s my last day, man, I gotta make sure I go out with a bang!

Are you going to Heaven or Hell?
Heaven for sure. I’ve been good.

What do you say to God when you get there?
I’d thank him for everything he’s done and tell him that I had so much more of life to live.

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