Jeremy Piven

So here you are, starring in an Entourage movie. Did you ever think this would actually happen?
One thing I don’t like to do, mostly because I don’t like to disappoint myself, I don’t like to get ahead of myself. I didn’t think, while we were shooting the series, “Oh, this is going to be a movie.” You try to stay as present as possible and make the scene as good as possible, and the episode, and the season. But once I knew we were going to make a movie and it had been written, and we were progressing, I thought, “Yeah, we’ll figure out a way to make it.” It’s completely surreal. Number one: I am incredibly tired at this moment; Number two: you just can’t believe it’s happening anyway, because to get a show picked up is a miracle; to have it run for eight seasons, you’re in rarified air, and then to have it go and be a movie is unheard of. So, we are very lucky.

You are clearly very tired. That was a big yawn. Let’s get stuck into some ‘quirky’ MAXIM questions. What was the last thing you apologised for?
Yawning. In your face. Just now.

What’s your favourite curse word?
Good question. Let’s come back to that one. There are so many.

What’s the worst hangover you have ever had?
These are some very interesting questions. Jesus, man. These are bad boy questions.

Well, you nailed the first one.
Yeah. The truth is easier to remember. The worst hangover was the first time I ever got drunk. In high school. I was going toe-to-toe against a high school football player, who at the time was about 122kg, so he outweighed me by about 45kg. The idea of battling him was just a horrible mistake. He was the size of a refrigerator. I woke up naked in a bathtub. I tried every alcohol that you could try. It was a disaster.

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