Lauren Brant

Hey Lauren, how does it feel to be on the cover of MAXIM for a second time?
I am so happy to be on the cover of MAXIM again. It is always such a fun experience shooting for you guys and I’m thrilled the last cover was so well received that you asked me back to do another.

What have you been up to since we last saw you?
Well, I’m pleased to say that I got engaged to the man of my dreams. I also went on a crazy adventure to South Africa and appeared in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Congrats on the engagement. Lucky guy! What did you love about doing I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!?
I loved seeing how far I could push myself, especially when I thought I was at breaking point.

The food challenges were crazy, and saw you eat lots of weird shit like bugs, testicles, etc… but you nailed them. How did you feel doing this?
The food trials were disgusting. I told myself that people didn’t expect me to be able to do it, which is all I needed to make sure I ate every last thing that was part of the trial.

Who did you get on best with out of all the other celebs?
I loved being in there with Joel [Creasey, comedian]. We got on really well because we are both straight shooters and a little feisty, but still very caring and loyal.

What was it like having to shower in your bikini?
It was so weird not getting naked for three weeks, due to not having privacy. It’s the first thing I did when I got to my hotel room.

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