Sheridyn Fisher

Hey Sheridyn, congrats on your MAXIM cover.

Thank you for having me, I am very honoured, it’s the best way to bring in the New Year!

Tell us about this sexy and exotic shoot.

We shot at the incredible Racha Island in Thailand, one of my favourite places in the world. The island is a turquoise paradise, the water is so clear you can see the fish swimming around you, and the people are beautiful, kind, and funny. There’s just something so magical about the place.

Sounds hot! When do you feel sexy?

Sexy is best when effortless and not forced. I always feel sexiest at home when I can let my hair down, wear something cute, and just be relaxed.

How would you describe yourself in five words?

Creative, sports nut, free spirit, animal lover, sci-fi geek. I know that’s not five words but you get my drift.

What’s your best asset?

Maybe my eyes.

Were you into modelling growing up?

I grew up riding dirt bikes, surfing and playing soccer. I spent my childhood with my friends being a beach bum and I was nothing short of a tomboy. Modelling and designing was always just
a dream, so when someone approached me in Sydney when I was 15 I thought it was a joke as I was never popular and never wore make-up. And look at you now. I have experienced so much
since I started modelling. I’ve travelled the world, made so many incredible friends, done TV commercials, been involved in films and video games, was the Face of Bras n Things,
became the ambassador of Playboy Australia in 2010…

Wait, tell us more about the Playboy thing.

I got to experience that surreal world and became a part of the Playboy family. The mansion was my second home for a while and I was the first Australian to get my own Playboy Bunny suit.

Are you still tight with Hef?

Well, I never officially hung up the Bunny ears. I did go to the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party this year and I still speak to everyone but I’m in a different space with my career and I’m focusing on other things right now.

What do you do when you’re not posing for MAXIM?

I started designing my own swimwear range, Sheridyn Swim, six years ago which is now on an international level and I also own my own production company. So, if I’m not modelling or designing
swimwear, I’m art directing and creating campaigns for brands around the world.

So you’re never short of something to do then?

I also love travelling, hitting the beach, watching sci-fi movies, catching up with friends, going on some adventure, or hanging out with my dogs. I love meeting new people and seeing the world, but also love snuggling up with a good film.

What’s been the most embarrassing moment in your life so far?

I was once shooting on a secluded beach in Byron Bay, there was nobody there apart from the photographer and I. So I told him not to look as I stripped-off to change into the next outfit. Then, to my surprise, I looked up to see the Google Maps guy standing there with his jaw dropped to the floor and this massive 360-degree camera mounted on his back filming the whole thing for Google Maps!

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