Lauren Brant

Hey Lauren, congrats on your first-ever MAXIM cover.
Thank you! I am so exited to be the MAXIM cover girl this month and following in the footsteps of women like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Hawkins. It was a huge honour to be asked and I’ve really enjoyed the whole process.

Being your first men’s mag shoot, how did you feel going into it?
Because it is MAXIM it certainly didn’t change my approach to the shoot at all. I was quietly confident we would produce something special. I’m always really excited anytime I get to work with creative experts who excel in their chosen field. So, planning the shoot and selecting images for MAXIM’s readers to enjoy was a fantastic experience.

What do you think of the results?
I’m really happy with them and hope the readers are as well! I’m really focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and work very hard to keep my body in shape. I have definitely learnt to love who I am and have confidence in myself and my ability.

You’ve done some modelling before. Is this your most risqué shoot?
It’s definitely one of the more risqué shoots I’ve done and you certainly need to have every angle covered. However, I had a lot of fun working with the crew, which is always really important. They made it so much easier and the environment was very comfortable and friendly.

What made you want to team up with MAXIM for this shoot?
Without doubt MAXIM is the industry leader when it comes to men’s mags. The cover girls are extremely confident and talented women who are celebrated in stunning photo shoots. So I thought who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!

Aw, that’s very nice of you to say.
Well, it’s true. You just have to look at previous issues to see the caliber of women who have teamed up with MAXIM to understand the magazine and those involved in pulling it together are trusted professionals at the top of their game. Similarly, I feel that I’m at a point in my career where I am ready to challenge myself and show another side of myself… a cheekier side if you like!

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