Jessica Alba

Relaxing on a patio in Santa Monica, wearing heels, slim jeans, and a clingy orange tank top, Jessica Alba hardly looks like a no-nonsense entrepreneur, let alone a mother of two. On the contrary, she looks like the woman who has been seducing audiences for over a decade as one of the sexiest actresses in the world. The truth, though, is that she’s all three. Which makes her even more amazing.
Alba, taking some time off at her corporate headquarters, is shouting to a woman who has just emerged from a metal door. “It’s a mess,” Ash says, quickly picking up on the source of her boss’ concern.
We’re sitting at a picnic table, eating lunch from a vegan buffet. But what’s got Alba’s attention aren’t the organic greens on her plate. It’s the renegade foliage exploding outside the entrance to the offices. The workers who were supposed to service it didn’t, and now each plot has morphed into its own 10-foot-high little shop of horrors.
“Take a photo of it and say, ‘This is craziness,’” Alba instructs Ash. “And then, any of the greens that have holes, just pull them out.” Alba tilts her head back, lets her brown hair tumble off her shoulders, and takes a long chug of bottled iced tea.
“Too bad nobody has goats,” she shrugs.
You probably don’t know this Jessica Alba: the cofounder of the Honest Company – a packaged-goods empire with more than 80 nontoxic, eco-friendly, sustainably produced products – and a mother of two who idly wishes for vegetation-munching barnyard animals. You remember the super sexy Jessica Alba who played the Invisible Woman in two installments of the Fantastic Four franchise, and the impossible-to- miss erotic dancer Nancy Callahan in 2005’s Sin City.

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