Cuban Fury

Cuban Fury

How long have you been dancing?
I started when I was five. I did ballet, jazz, and contemporary quite intensely for about 10 years. That training has helped with Salsa but it’s also not so helpful, since Salsa is a street dance. When you have technique training, as I did, it helps with picking things up quickly, since there’s that kinaesthetic [learning by doing an activity] awareness, but Salsa is generally less formal, so you need to relax a bit more and go with the flow.

What’s the hardest part of dancing?
Patience. It does take a while to get good at it. People do dancing for different reasons, so you may just want a basic understanding, but it requires patience to get to a level where you’re comfortable enough to take it to a club and show off your repetoire.

Cuban Fury is out now on DVD, Blu-ray, and UltraViolet

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