Gabi Grecko

Congrats on your first MAXIM cover, Gabi. How do you feel?
Fantastic. I loved working with the MAXIM Australia team. The shoot had a creative, sexy feel and I love the final product. I’m proud and honoured to be part of MAXIM Australia, especially since you are celebrating your third birthday issue… with me on the cover!

What made you want to do this shoot?
I thought it would help show Australia what I’m capable of as a model. A lot of people think modelling is just standing there and looking pretty but it isn’t. It’s a lot of holding poses for long periods of time in extreme body positions.

This is your first men’s mag shoot, right?
Yes. I’ve done so much fashion stuff – I thought it was about time I gave the guys some attention.

How would you describe the theme of the shoot?
Celebratory. Besides being sexy, I hope this makes people smile and be happy because it really has that feel to it. This shoot was done a week after my actual birthday so it was just a continuation of the celebrations. I felt as though I got to celebrate my birthday with MAXIM. It was quite cool.

What was your favourite part of the shoot?
The cake! I made a point of requesting a big cake, since it was the special birthday issue. I ate cake, smashed cake, kissed cake, and blew out candles. Now that’s what I call a party!

What’s the best birthday you’ve ever had?
South Beach, Miami! Before I moved to Manhattan I always went to South Beach for my birthdays. One year we went when LIV [nightclub] had just opened and, well… we had fun. The kind of fun you almost don’t remember but you know happened. We went all-out and there was much tequila and illegal beach camping – we had a hotel but couldn’t quite locate it after all the partying. Yeah that’s how we do it in Florida. Don’t even get me started on Spring Break!

Does it involve you in your birthday suit?
Honestly, if I could, and if people weren’t such creeps, I would be naked all the time. I feel very comfortable in my own skin. Since owning my own apartment, I’m naked in that bitch all the time. I cook naked. Wait, I don’t really cook, but I walk to the fridge naked. I phone people naked. I work out naked. I watch Seinfeld naked. Everything is naked.

Is this when you feel your sexiest?
I feel sexy when I’m either stripped to the bare essentials – white tank top, jeans, no make-up, no bra – or if I’m totally sexed-up: full make-up, sexy dress, my “vamp look”.

Being our third birthday, what three things are essential at any birthday party?
Tequila, killer music, and party favours. By party favours, I mean maybe a piñata [laughs].

What does your man, Geoffrey Edelsten, think about this shoot?
I sent him a few shots during the shoot and he called me saying he was the luckiest man alive. He is so great.

How did you meet Geoff?
We were both at the Lincoln Center, in New York, for music-related meetings. I had my orange locks on and he had a shiny Swarovski-ed suit. We had a chance encounter and struck up a conversation. When he said he wasn’t dressed up for any particular occasion I knew then he was the one. I myself wear ball gowns around the house. We’re perfect for each other and he’s so sweet and funny. I just love the guy.

How are things going with him?
We both have different schedules and our own goals during each day but we spend as much time as possible together. It’s fun sharing personal triumphs with one another – we both make one another very proud. We are a perfect match. Nothing is forced and it just feels right and I miss him terribly when he’s gone too long.

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