Laura Brunskill

DOING THIS MAXIM SHOOT WAS… so much fun! I went into hair and make-up at 3AM, so we could be ready to shoot at first light. As you can see by how the shots turned out, it was definitely worth dragging my little butt out of bed at 2AM.

WHEN I WAS RECENTLY CROWNED THE 2014 MAXIM AUSTRALIAN SWIMWEAR MODEL OF THE YEAR [ASMY]… my first reaction was that they made a mistake and called out the wrong name! I was in shock for most of the night and my breath was taken away.

SINCE WINNING THE MAXIM ASMY I’VE… been really busy shooting for MAXIM and doing a bunch of media interviews which are quite nerve-racking because I’m not great at public speaking.

THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING THE 2014 ASMY WINNER IS… I was chosen out of thousands of girls to be on the cover of one of the best magazines in the world and have so many doors opening for me within an industry I love working in.

THE BEST THING ABOUT THE 2014 ASMY WAS… something I would have never expected. From the very start the whole experience was all action! My favourite part was the fashion show we did at Moo Moo Restaurant in the Gold Coast. It was such a great day.

A NORMAL DAY FOR ME INVOLVES… Oh, just the usual: breakfast with the Prime Minister, then go to Vegas in my private jet to chill with Puff Daddy, then off to New York to do a quick brunch with my girl Beyoncé… My day today is about as exciting as everyone else’s but maybe with a bit more tanning and gym.

THE LAST THING THAT MADE ME LOL WAS… this one guy just kept writing “LAURA PLLLLLEEEEEAAASE” in Facebook Messenger. Just that. Over and over again.

THE WORST PICK-UP LINE I’VE EVER HEARD IS… “Feel my T-shirt. Do you know what kind of material that is? Boyfriend material!”

THE BEST WAY FOR A GUY TO APPROACH ME IS… to show me he’s real and not just trying to get lucky. We can go from there.

MY IDEAL MAN IS… tall and handsome, and must be mysterious and intelligent. I like a man’s man – a lot of guys are more like girls than actual girls these days. If it takes you longer to do your hair than me, no deal!

I FEEL SEXIEST WHEN… I’m at home all prettied-up, wearing a cute lingerie set and waiting for my man to come home. SURPRISE!

WHEN I GO TO BED I WEAR… a man’s T-shirt and long white socks. There’s nothing more comfortable.

PUBLIC NUDITY IS… a case-by-case topic. It’s fine for some but not so good for others.

SUNBAKING WITHOUT SWIMWEAR IS… the best way to avoid tan lines, and also makes me feel a bit naughty.

THE LAST TIME I DID A NUDIE RUN WAS… the last time I went tanning.

MY FAVOURITE WAY TO GET INTO TROUBLE IS… What happens on a girls’ night out, stays on a girls’ night out.

MY SUPERPOWER WOULD BE… mind control or being able to fly. Can’t I just be Batman?!

THE BEST JUNK FOOD IS… CHIPPIES!!! Hot chips, salt and vinegar chips, Twisties, Doritos, Honey Soy… the list is endless!

THE ACTRESS WHO’D PLAY ME IN A MOVIE ABOUT MY LIFE IS… Sookie [played by Anna Paquin] from True Blood. She’s so cute and innocent. Seems to work well for her… and me!

MY GIRL CRUSH IS… Adriana Lima. She has the most beautiful face and you can get lost in her eyes. Corny, but true.

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