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The Paul Devro Playlist

Here is a little playlist I put together with a variety of songs that I consider perfect for the beach in my own weird way. There are some turn-up tunes on here and some turn-down ones as well.

Me dê Amor
Sango (Feat. Gaiola das Popozudas)
This from a great EP of Brazil baile funk infused with 808s. I could have made the whole playlist just using songs from this EP.

Don’t Wait
This dropped last year and it really needs to be heard. I can listen to this on repeat. Really cool Swedish pop production, with that classic baile funk drum fill.

From Time TF Chop 4 Jesse
Total Freedom
Total Freedom is the king of edits – he has thousands but only shares a few. We are lucky enough to have him release this Drake-less version of “From Time” on his SoundCloud account.

Don’t You
Sage the Gemini
People love “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose” but people don’t realise that the whole Sage the Gemini EP is fire! This slurred-out, minimal effort track seemed to be a great fit.

Strut (Mitch Murder Martini Remix)
Nite Sprite
If I built a time machine but had to give it away, I’d pass it along to Mitch so that he could go back and be the biggest ’80s movie composer in the world. He just did the Kung Fury soundtrack; this is one of my favourite odd-songs of his.

Taken from a rare anime from the Eighties based in the USA, this is Japan doing boogie music meets Madonna’s “Lucky Star”. It’s a real guilty pleasure for me.

That Gurl
Alizzz is from Barcelona and makes the best neo-hyper RnB music. Not sure if that’s what you call it but we just dropped this EP and the whole thing is vibes for days.

Always (Wave Racer Remix)
Australian super-positive producer Wave Racer can do no wrong. I beg him for a remix every week – but he’s too busy. As long as he’s making music for me or anyone, I’m happy. This one is huge.

Farma Wesley
Feng Shui
I don’t know much about this dude, but if you put an Eazy-E quotable over a Zhou Xuan sample while you interpolate Sade’s “Smooth Operator”, you’re down with me.

Black Moth Super Rainbow
I just thought I’d end this tropical fiesta with this weird, genre-less jingle, somehow made by Black Moth Super Rainbow. Thanks for peeping my selection. Bye!!

Versace Mai Tai
Any kind of rum with any kind of Gatorade.

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