Need For Speed: Rivals

Game: Need For Speed: Rivals.
Developer: Ghost Games.
Format: PS3/4, XBOX 360/One, PC.
Out: November 21.

A whole generation of gamers don’t know of a world without Need For Speed. Debuting way back in 1994, it has appeared in time for Christmas almost every year since, looking better, getting bigger, and never lacking for pace. For this year’s instalment, the promise of next-generation editions adds extra excitement and even more reasons to flip the cops the bird and see how far you can get before crashing in a pyrotechnic display of splintered glass and shredded steel. Or maybe you’re the cop…

The Ultimate Rivalry
Fans of the Need For Speed series will know it has had many personalities over the years, but Rivals follows the template laid down by the popular Hot Pursuit lineage. It focuses on the heated chases between the bacon and the eggs: players take on the role of the Cops or the Robbers in the fictional open-world landscape of Redview County, chasing or escaping as required. Each side is gifted a range of gadgets and weapons to deter their opposition, including EMPs, roadblocks, helicopters, turbo, jammers, and shockwaves, which can be upgraded as you progress by collecting Speed Points. The cars feel awesome under your thumbs and fingers, while the focus on “the chase” is heart-pounding stuff and remains our favourite way of playing NFS.

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