Far Cry 3

Format: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release: November 29

Convincing your girlfriend to travel to an isolated island chain sounds like a good outcome for the summer holidays. However, as it turns out for Jason Brody, a nasty bout of sandy peehole is the least of his problems. The island’s locals have been in upheaval for a while and cut-off from the outside world, so many of them have gone criminally insane. Jason needs to sharpen his combat and survival skills fast if he is to rescue his girl and keep his sanity. So begins Far Cry 3…

Crazy in the Coconut
You’ll meet a lot of very interesting characters during your time with Far Cry 3. The developer has done an excellent job with facial animations and voice-work to bring the island’s inhabitants to twisted life. The visuals are hot shit: the exotic setting is intoxicating, and whether you’re swimming through pristine waters or sneaking through lush foliage, you’re totally sucked into the experience. In particular, the scenes that question your grip on reality are wack – you can eat totally eat mushrooms and wig out!

Holiday from Hell
Far Cry 3 also stands out for being an open-world FPS. Rather than hurling you down linear jungle paths, you are free to explore this spectacular environment on foot, in the water, or using vehicles like quad-bikes, watercraft, and hang-gliders. Stumbling across villages will net you quests, which not only propel the story, but level-up Jason so he can unlock new skills. You can also explore for flora to make into medicines, or hunt animals for their skins to build things like rucksacks. Sorry, PETA.

Kicking Arse
Trom melee to stealth to all guns blazing, the combat delivers. We really like the way the combat ties into the world. You can jump off high points and stab dudes in the neck or shoot while soaring down a zipline. You can even use animals to your advantage: at one point we started a fire and it led a tiger towards an enemy position. Having all these options on hand, and combining them with the open-world, provides a real sense of freedom when you approach a challenge.

There is a full, separate co-op story that can be enjoyed with one mate in splitscreen or with a team of four online. It is set six months prior to Jason’s arrival on the island and adds plenty of backstory. There is also the complete swag of 16-player head-to-head modes. FC3 just keeps giving!

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