Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden

Hey mate, do you dig Vogue’s first-ever men’s mag shoot?
It’s beautiful. The pool shot, one where she’s wearing the black feather top, and the white lingerie at the bar are great. The whole shoot is really classy. I was a bit cautious when you first asked her to do it but looking at previous MAXIM shoots they’re all sexy and classy.

Are you OK with guys gawking at her sexy-classy photos?
Well it’s going to happen, isn’t it? She’s f–king beautiful. It’s not like she’s some big fat boar you’ve photoshopped to make look amazing. Why wouldn’t they look at her? We’re not in the Middle East – she doesn’t have to cover up so all you can see is the letterbox! She walks around on the beach in a bikini and guys are always looking at her. I’m proud.

What’s the first thing that attracted you to Vogue?
Her personality, straight away. The first night we met we chatted for about seven hours.

Where was that?
In a VIP room after a show in Dublin. She was with her friends and I was with mine and we just clicked straight away. I wasn’t actually trying to get with her at all – we were just talking – and I remember thinking, “I reckon her and I would be good mates.”

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