The Rambo Routine

No gym? As soldiers know, that’s no excuse not to train. On a trip through the African bush in July 2010, Allen’s unofficial trainer and workout buddy, “Boomer” Grigsby, created a no-frills workout that kept the heavy-hitter in sternum-shattering shape. “There’s a reason old-school movements should still be used,” says Grigsby. “They work. Usually people don’t like to do things that are hard. But the fact is, bodies aren’t changed and Pro Bowl athletes aren’t made – and when it comes to soldiers, lives aren’t saved – doing 7-Minute Abs.” Says Allen, “Honestly, it got me in the best shape of my life. When I got back from Africa, I’d dropped 7kg, and my body fat had dropped immensely. Then, when I got into the gym, all my lifts were at a higher norm because using my own body weight had really strengthened my small muscle groups. I was shocked at the kind of condition you can get into with just the basics of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, plyo jumps, step-ups, and stuff like that, for an hour a day.”

One set of 10, each style.
BOOMER SAYS: “You can always find something to pull up on, whether it’s your buddy’s deck or a tree in Africa. We even used doorways sometimes, which activates your grip.”

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