Olivia Munn









Status Update
BIRTHDAY: July 3, 1980.
HOMETOWN: Oklahoma City, but raised in Tokyo.

IF YOU’RE PICKING HER UP FOR A DATE, BE DRIVING A HOVERBOARD: “I can be on a plane in the air on my BlackBerry, texting, BBMing [BlackBerry Messaging], on the internet, drinking wine in the sky… yet there’s no hoverboard. I am disappointed in the future.”
BRUSH WITH 30 ROCK: She was up for the role of Alec Baldwin’s girlfriend (which went to Elizabeth Banks). “They loved me but thought I looked too young.”
KNOWS HER FAN BASE: “Comic-Con is like the mother ship calling me home. I love it there.”
LIKES A MILDLY DIRTY JOKE: “What did the egg say to the boiling water? ‘It’s going to take me a minute to get hard – I just came out of this chick.’”

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