Newron EV-1

The 2021 Newron EV-1 an e-bike capable of 112 km/h on a range of less than 64 km…

Any bozo with a design program can sit at a computer and create a motorcycle rendering. However, Newron Motors CEO Sebastien Mahut is no keyboard warrior, and intends to build 12 examples of his latest creation — the 2021 Newron EV-1.
Mahut started the company in 2016, but his first design and build was in 2009, when he threw an electric motor in an Aprilia Futura chassis, resulting in an e-bike capable of 112 km/h on a range of less than 64 km.
No longer able to shock the moto-world with electricity, he took a different route with the EV-1 – creating a body made entirely out of wood. The panels are done in ebony, oak, red cedar, and white ash – so all grains are covered.
Featuring a Pmac engine with 102 horsepower on tap and maximum torque of 177 ft/lbs, the EV-1 is expected to go from 0 to 100 in less than three seconds before it becomes splinters. Thanks to a Lithium-ion battery, range is about 298 km.
That large cylindrical Battery Pack is a structural part of the chassis that helps with upgrades and materials recovery. It also comes with different colour LEDs that light up and highlight the wood exoskeleton that surrounds it.
The final version will include a smart power meter that regulates energy usage to ensure riders get to their planned destination — and avoid range anxiety. To ensure agile performance on the way, there is an unconventional fork and a traditional mono-shock, with carbon fibre wheels to keep the weight down to 220 kg. Coming with onboard navigation accessible through an app, you can also keep up to date on the bike’s performance and find local mechanics/carpenters by connecting your smartphone.
While creating a wooden bike gained Newron organic credibility; winning the InnovUp prize at the Future Festival in Paris gained them tech credibility. Expect early orders to start in 2021, with an expected price of $65,000 — varnish not included.

2021 Newron EV-1
Engine: Lithium-ion
Power: 75 kW
Torque: 240 Nm
Dry weight: 220 kg
Seat height: 680 mm
Price: $65,000 (est)

By Bill Varetimidis

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